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V-(으)세요 Lesson | How to say "please" in Korean

안녕하세요! I'm Koreanstudyjunkie~ Today, I'll be talking about -(으)세요. There's a practice section at the very end.

V-(으)세요 - please do..


It's used make polite commands (ask someone to do something).


Verb ends in a consonant - 으세요

Verb ends in a vowel or ㄹ - 세요

먹어요 - > 먹으세요

Eat = Please eat


1). 거기 앉으세요.

= Please sit there / Sit there.

2). 2). 오늘은 공부하세요.

= Please study today.

3). 많이 드세요.

= Please eat a lot.

드시다 = polite version of 먹다, which means “to eat”

4). 계산서 주세요

= Please give me the bill

주다 - to give

Even more formal version of -(으)세요:


-(으)십시요 is the same thing as -(으)세요.


Add 으 to verb stems ending in consonants - 으십시요

Just add 십시요 to those ending in vowels - 십시요

계선서 주세요 = 계선서 주십시요

거기 앉으세요 = 거기 앉으십시요

The second usage of (으)세요:

Politely Ask Questions


5). 어디 가세요?

= Where are you going?

6). 확실하세요?

= Are you sure?

7). 오늘은 뭐 배우세요?

= What are you learning today?

8). 그 사람은 남편이세요?

= Is that person your husband?

(Noun + 이세요 ending)


Bonus 1: (으)세요 can be used to describe others.

예뻐요 – 예쁘세요

You are pretty.

Be careful when using this one. When combining this grammar with adjectives, It can come off as being TOO nice or kissing the ground someone walks on.

For example the same feeling as trying to kiss up to your boss by saying a bunch of compliments.

Bonus 2: (으)세요 can be used for greetings or blessings.

시험 잘 보세요!

Take the test well!

= good luck with the exam!

좋은 하루 되세요.

좋은 하루 보내세요.

= have a good day.


= work hard! (A common greeting when people leave a place of business).


= cheer up!



Translate each sentence into English

1). 이것을 보세요!

2). Is your teacher kind?

3). Please study hard.

4). My grandmother lives in Germany.

5). Please contact me on KakaoTalk.

6). 빨리 들어오세요.

7). 내일 오후에 시간이 있으세요?


4). 할머니는 독일에 사세요.

3). 열심히 공부하세요.

7). Do you have time tomorrow afternoon?

1). Look at this!

5). 카톡으로 연락하세요.

2). 선생님이 친절하세요?

6). Come in quickly.


That's all for this post!

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