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Verb + 어/아/여 보다 and Adjective + 어/아/여 보이다

Updated: Oct 10, 2023

안녕하세요!! Hello! I am Vaibhavi. In today's lesson we are going to learn how to use the grammar pattern Verb + 어/아/여 보다 and Adjective + 어/아/여 보이다. Let's start!!

Verb + 어/아/여 보다:

This pattern is used in the following ways:

1) Tell someone to try or attempt something

For e.g.

하다 (to do)= 해보다 (to try doing)

먹다(to eat)= 먹어보다(to try eating)

만지다 (to touch)= 만져보다 (to try touching )

잘다(to live)= 잘아보다 (to try living )

Now use let's use the following words in sentences..


a) 이 게임 재미있으니까 너도 해봐/해봐요. This game is fun so you to try playing it.

b) 이 빵 내가 만들었어. 먹어 봐. I have made this bread. Try (eating) it.

c) 머리가 암프면, 병원에 가봐. If your head hurts try going to the hospital.

d) 제 강아지 궈엽죠? 만져보세요. My puppy is cute right? Try touching (petting) it.

Note: It is very common to use 한번 which means once with 보다. Though it doesn't literally means you want to do it only once, it just sounds more natural.

For e.g. 미국에 한 번 살아보고 싶어. I want (to try living) to have a chance in US.

2) Talk about the experience of doing something and It can be used to ask if someone has ever tried or done something.


a) 한국에 가 봤어요. I have been to Korea before.

b) 지금까지 실수를 많이 해봤어요. I have made many mistakes so far.

c) 말을 타봤어요. I have ridden a horse (before).

d) 그 책을 읽어봐어요. I have read that book (before).

e) 버블티를 마져봤어요. I have tried bubble tea (before).

3) It can also be used to make a command sound less strong and demanding.


a) 기다리다(wait) = 기다려보다

A: 아직도 사장님이 안 오서네요. The boss is not here yet.

B: 조금만 더 기다려보세요. 곧 올 거예요. Please wait a little more. He will come soon.

b) 말하다(speak) = 말해보다

A: 지금 통화 괜잖으세요? Can I call you now?

B: 네, 말해보세요! Yes do call me.( I am available now).

c) 앉다 (to sit) = 앉아보세요. = Do have a seat.

Now let's combine Present Progressive ( - 고 있다) and 보다:

• Verb - 고 있다 + 봐 : Stay doing the Verb


a) 기다리고 있어봐. 곧 갈게. Keep waiting. I will be there soon.

b) 혼자 하고 있어봐. 이따가 도와줄게. Stay doing it alone. I will help you later.

c) 먼저 먹고 있어봐. 음료수 가져 올게. You first keep eating. I will bring the beverage


Present Adjective + 보이다

보이다 means to be seen or to be visible. When it is combined with an adjective it means to look like that 'adjective'.


a) 많이 (to be a lot) = 많아보여 (looks a lot).

b) 적다 (to be less quantity) = 적아보여 (looks less)

c) 어렵다 (to be difficult) = 어려위보다 (to seem difficult)

d) 피곤하다 (to be tired)= 피곤해보여(to look tired)

e) 건강하다 (to be healthy)= 건강해아보여 (to look healthy).

That's all for this lesson. I hope it helped you. For more free Korean lessons visit

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