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What Is Korean Aegyo?

안녕~ Koreanstudyjunkie입니당! Today we'll learn about Aegyo, what it is, why it's done how to do it yourself! Let's go - 시작!

What Is Aegyo?

Aegyo (애교) is when a person acts cute or in a childish way, despite not being a young child themselves.

애교 literally means behaving cutely. Or doing or saying something in a cute(sy) way.

Doing aegyo is a way of acting cute that is popular in Korean culture, especially among k-pop idols and celebrities.

Why do people use aegyo (애교)?

One reason for using aegyo to act cute is to flirt with a guy or girl you like. Many Koreans find it adorable to see your cute side.

You can also use it to get something that you want. 애교 is a great way to show affection to your friends, family, or loved ones and is a part of modern korean culture.

Who uses aegyo?

Korean 애교 is generally performed by Korean young women, although men use it too from time to time. (Mostly men in K-dramas and of course kpop idols in variety shows/interviews)

Some might find that when some men use 애교, it makes them feel uncomfortable or weirded out. Of course, most people don’t use 애교 in an extreme way. In fact, some Korean people hate it!

How To Do Aegyo:

You can do 애교 by doing different styles of cute displays such as pouting, using a baby voice, etc. This instantly makes someone adorable or lovable. The purpose of 애교 is to act adorable, especially to get your own way or something you want.

To do 애교, you should use babyish actions, a cute voice or cute hand gestures, and facial expressions to achieve a desirable result. These cute displays can immediately light up a room or make people happy.

You can demonstrate 애교 cuteness through the way you speak, act, dress, decorate your room, and your overall demeanor.

Korean 애교 Words & Phrases:

A way to show 애교 is to add ㅁ or ㅇ.

For example:

오빠 > 오빵

배고파 > 배고팡

배고파요 > 배고파용

오디야? > 어디얌?

You can do this with almost any Korean word or phrase. Words that end with 하다 will generally end with ㅁ. This is a much more neutral and less extreme way of doing 애교, and is more common than the type of 애교 you may see on tv.

If someone’s aegyo is getting on your nerves, then you might want to say:

귀여운 척하지 마(세요) = stop pretending to be cute


Hope you learned something new today! If you like these types of posts, leave a like on this blog and I'll do more.


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