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What Other Korean Holidays Exist? | How Many Korean Holidays Are There?

A Guide To Korean Holidays

⚠️the information's from a book called "korean culture dictionary"


Shinjeong 신정 - New Year's Day

> Date: January 1st

Seollal 설날 - Lunar New Year's Day

> Date: January 1st (of lunar calendar)

> February 12th

It's a traditional Korean Lunar New Year's Day & is one of the most important holidays. Most people travel to their hometowns to visit their families. Koreans put on 한복 & bows to their elders, & eat 떡국 (rice cake soup) & 만두국 (dumpling soup). And play traditional games like 윷놀이, spinning tops, & flying kites.

Samiljeol 3.1절 - Independence Movement Day

> Date: March 1st

This is the day of commemorating the Declaration of Independence, which was proclaimed on March 1, 1919, against the Japanese occupation.

Eorininal 어린이날 - Childen's Day

> Date: May 5th

Families celebrate with their kids! They usually go out to amusement parks, zoos, or shopping malls (to buy gifts!)

Seokgatanshinil 석가탄신일 - Buddha's Birthday

> Date: 8th day of the 4th lunar month

> April 8th

On this day you'll see beautifully decorated temples across the country.

Hyeonchungil 현충일 - Memorial Day

> Date: June 6th

This day commemorates & honors the fallen soliders and civillians who lost their lives fighting for their country during the Korean War. Ceremonies are held at the National Cemetery in Seoul.

Gwangbokjeol 광복절 - Liberation Day

> Date: August 15th

Korea became free from the Japanese occupation on this day, when Japan surrendered to the allies in 1945, ending World War 2

Chuseok 추석 - Fall Harvest Festival

> Date: 15th day of the 8th Lunar month

> September 21st

Koreans celebrate a successful harvest year and families get together for memorial rituals called 차례, for their ancestors

Gaecheonjeol 개천절 - National Foundation Day

> Date: October 3rd

The founding date of the first nation ever built on the Korean Peninsula is celebrated at 참성단(chamseongdan alter) on top of 마니산 (Manisan Mountain) in 강화도 (Ganghwado Island)

Hangul Day 한글날

> Date: October 9th

The basis of the Korean Alphabet, hangul, was proclaimed in 1446 by King Sejong The Great.

Christmas 크리스마스

> Date: December 25th


Special Days

Jan 14th

Diary Day

Hello Day

Feb 14th

Valentine's Day

(girl asks boy out)

Mar 14th

Valentine's Day

(boy asks girl out)

April 14th

Black Day

(for single people)

May 14th

Rose Day

June 14th

Kiss Day

July 14th

Silver Day

August 14th

Green Day

September 14th

Photo Day

October 14th

Wine Day

November 11th

Pepero Day

December 14th

Hug Day


I hope you liked this post, If so leave a like or comment below! I'm sorry that there are a lot of days without much information about them, but mostly this post was to tell you all the days, not necessarily what they mean and all of that.

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