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Why should we learn Korean |Advantages of Korean language...

안녕하세요 친구들 (friends), I'm Yamin, and today I'm going to motivate you all by discussing why we should learn Korean and what opportunities it can bring to our life.

Read the following advantages and their explanations below:


1) Cultural Insights Exploration

2) Career Development

3) Beauties of the language

4) Making Korean friends

5) Travelling and Communication

6) Education Opportunities

7) Personal Growth and Cognitive Benefits

Let's get into the cultural world of Korea. Learning Korean provides a deeper understanding and appreciation of Korean culture, including traditions, customs, and social norms. It opens doors to experiencing Korean literature, music, art, and cinema in their original context.

Not every Korean word or phrase can be 100% accurately translated to English. This is simply because of different word structure, word puns, different linguistics background and different cultural nuances. Translating such nuances accurately can be challenging.

Suppose you are watching a K-drama, reality show or a Korean comedy show with English subtitles. You may not get the jokes they are conveying or grasp the actual context of the conversation that is only meant to be understand by Koreans.

This is because the jokes they are laughing at, or the actual context of the conversation may be culture specific. Foreigners may not get those at all.

Both English and Korean languages have their own set of idioms and expressions that don't always have direct counterparts. Translating idiomatic expressions often involves finding equivalent expressions that convey a similar idea or sentiment.

Learning Korean is the easiest way to get all the cultural insights and in-depth meaning of the conversations between Koreans.


Giant South Korean companies like Samsung, LG, Hyundai are globally recognized. knowing Korean can be a valuable asset in various industries. It enhances job prospects, especially in sectors like technology, entertainment, trade, and tourism.

Korean manager will hire a worker who knows Korean compared to those who doesn't speak their language. Knowing Korean can be a plus point in getting these big jobs, and you will have a good relationship with the co-workers as well. Isn't that cool?


Korean language may sound difficult to foreigners, but learning the language may change your perspective. Believe me, you can learn the Korean alphabets in a few hours. That may sound crazy, right? However, it's true and one of the easiest alphabets to learn.

There are 24 alphabets of which 14 are consonants and 10 are vowels. It also has an additional 5 double consonants and 11 combined vowels. Don't worry, you don't have to learn them all. Just knowing 24 alphabets are enough. The rest are just the combination of the 24 alphabets.

Learn all the alphabets by clicking the link:

Korean language has several levels of politeness, which shows different level of respects. Discover the use of "(yo)" and "(da)" as they turn phrases into a polite symphony, reflecting the cultural emphasis on respectful communication. Simply replace the "(da)" with "(yo)" at the end of the verb to show politeness.

Each word or syllable is a mixture of a vowel and consonants making the language resonate with melody. Infact, it is quite a unique and beautiful language that you may come across.


Want to make Korean friends? Learning Korean is the easiest way for this. In reality, Koreans feel shy in front of foreigners and may not talk with them much. However, speaking their language may surprise them and make them comfortable to be able to communicate with foreigners.

This is the basic root step for getting closer to a Korean. Trust me, I'm talking from my experience. However, this is mostly common in Korea, where not everyone can speak English. Outside Korea, Koreans may speak in English with foreigners, but still speaking in Korean with them will make them even more comfortable.


Knowing Korean will enhance your vacation experiences in Korea. When guests make an attempt to communicate in their native language, it fosters more meaningful encounters and bonds. It also makes it easier to navigate Korean cities and rural areas. Learning Korean increases your ability to connect with a global community outside Korea as well and engage with people from diverse backgrounds.

Koreans are in general very friendly and are always ready to help you out. Remember, they have several levels of respect, so they know what they are doing. There are also big communities of Koreans outside Korea. This means you can try to speak in Korean if you ever want to visit Koreatown in foreign countries. You will have an overall rich experience.


Want to study at Korean prestigious universities like Yonsei, Seoul National University etc.? Again, knowing Korean can be the great opportunity to get into these universities in South Korea.

Many colleges offer English-language programs, but knowing Korean increases your options and provides for a more immersive academic experience.


Learning a new language, particularly one with a distinct writing system like Hangul, activates brain functioning and improves problem-solving abilities. It promotes personal development by encouraging adaptation, patience, and perseverance.

It gives you a unique feeling as if you are in a different world (maybe K-drama, ha-ha...) or makes you a completely different person. Therefore, it opens up your perspective and allows your brain to think in more different ways compared to the person who knows only one language.


Hence, the language itself is so respectful, unique and attractive. Also, it has a great impact on our life. All Korean learners should not give up or stop learning this beautiful, meaningful language.

That's all from me now. Let me know in the comments if this actually helped you or not. Till then, see you next time (다음에 또 봐요).

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Learning Korean offers a multitude of advantages, making it an appealing language to add to your repertoire. Just as Bliss By The Sea Retreat offers a real vacation experience tailored to your desires, mastering Korean opens doors to new cultural experiences and opportunities. Whether you're planning a vacation rental in Seoul or exploring the vibrant streets of Busan, speaking the local language enhances your travel experience. From connecting with locals on a deeper level to navigating menus and transportation with ease, learning Korean enriches your journey and allows you to immerse yourself fully in the beauty of South Korea. So why not embark on this linguistic adventure? The benefits await you, both at home and abroad.


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