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A Simple Habit to Improve Your Korean

When we self-learn something, there's often an imbalance between learning and applying what we learn. That means– we keep learning and learning but we forget to stop and apply our knowledge which is crucial for effective learning. Because applying your knowledge decreases the forgetting curve.

So, how do we apply what we learn? Today I'll tell you a simple and easy way to do so.

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Hi, I'm Mahzabin Mim, here with another blog. If you'd like to make your Korean learning more effective without sweating too much, keep reading! Journaling is an amazing way to to increase your language skill. And therefore you can journal regularly as a part of your practice routine. However, journaling in a language you're not fluent at can seem intimidating at first. Indeed, it is a challenging task (which is why it is effective) but we can make the process easier. Aim to write only three sentences per day. Yes, it's as simple as that. Having such a small goal to accomplish will leave you with no excuse to leave it for later. If you want to write more after finishing three sentences, go for it. You might make a list of topics beforehand to write about one of them on different days. Some example topics are– any animal, your favourite food, a person you know etc. Or you can simply write about your daily activities. If you can't think of a word in Korean or how to write what you have in mind, take help of google translate. After finishing your writing session, mark all the new words you've learnt for the day. In the beginning, you may not be satisfied with what you've written. But that's okay. The goal is not to create literary masterpiece but to get familiar and consistent with expressing your thoughts in Korean. The plus point of this exercise is– you get to track your gradual improvement in learning Korean : D Give it a try for a month and see what happens. If you have any suggestion, please comment down below. And if you liked this blog, don't forget to press the like button. Hope to see you in the next blog. Bye!

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