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Basic Korean K-drama Phrases

Updated: Sep 27, 2022

Not only does this make watching k-dramas so much more fun but it also improves your Korean vocabulary which is what we Korean learners all aim for right?

애교 - Aegyo (Acting cute)

미쳤어? - Are you crazy?

대박 - Awesome

남자친구 - Boyfriend

축하해 - Congratulations

짝사랑 - Crush/One sided love

울지마 - Don't cry

가지마 - Don't go!

걱정하지마 - Don't worry

죽을레? - Do you want to die?

첫사람 - First love

친구 - Friend

여자친구 - Girlfriend

화이팅 - Fighting!/Goodluck!

바보 - Idiot/fool

좋아헤 - I like/I like you

사랑해 - I love you

행복해 - I'm happy

보고 싶어 - I miss you

미안해 - I'm sorry

헤어지자 - Let's break up

밥먹자 - Let's eat

가자 - Let's go

사랑 - Love

헐! - Omg!

괜찮아? - Are you okay?

그래 - Really/Right?

제발 - Please

약속 - Promise

진짜 - Really

잘자 - Sleep well/Goodnight

기더리 - Wait for me

왜그래 - Why are you like this?/What's wrong.

왜 - Why

I hope you had fun learning these phrases! Now you not only know how they sound but also how their written and you can use it around your Korean friends (Please be mindful of honorifics though).

Thank you for reading and please like, share and comment to support all our writers and their hard work!

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