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Best Korean Dad Jokes | 베스트 아재 개그 2023

안녕하세요. Koreanstudyjunkie입니당! Today I have some dad jokes for you. In Korean these are actually called "아재 개그". I did my best to explain each one in English as well.

Q: 우유가 넘어지면?

A: 아야


If the word “우유“ fell (to the left) on it’s side, in Korean ㅜ would change to ㅏ and ㅠ would change to ㅑ - resulting in 아야

우유 - Milk

넘어지다 - To Fall

(으)면 - When, If

Q: 11월에 뱀이랑 벌이 없는 이유는?

A: 노뱀벌


Question: Why are there are no snakes and stars in November? Answer: 노 = No, 뱀 = Snakes, 벌 = Stars | Literally, no snakes and stars. It sounds like the month of ‘November’

십일월 - November

에 - Time marking particle

뱀 - Snakes

이랑 - And

벌 - Stars

없다 - To Not Be

이유 - Reason

Q: 말이 화가 나면?

A: 마리화나.


Question: When you (you’re words) are angry? Answer: 마리화나 → It sounds like Marijuana

말 - Words

화가 나다 - To Be Angry

(으)면 - If, When

Q: 아프지도 않은데 매일 쓰는 약은?

A: 치약.


Question: What medicine do you use everyday even when you’re not sick/hurt. Answer: Toothpaste. In Korean the word for medicine is 약 and the word for toothpaste is 치약.

아프다 - to be sick, hurt

지 않다 - not

도 - even

매일 - everyday

쓰다 - to use

Q: 인도는 지금 몇시지?

A: 인도네시아


Question: What time is it in India?


인도 - India

네 - 4

시 - O’clock

인도네시야 = Indonesia

Q: 돌잔치를 영어로?

A: 락페스티벌


Question: What is 돌잔치 in English? Answer: 락 = Rock 페스티벌 = Festival

돌 = Rock

잔치 = Party, Feast

Q: 세상에서 가장 뜨거운 바다는?

A: 열받아


Question: What is the hottest sea in the world? Answer: 열받아

In Korean 열받다 means one burns with anger. 열 can mean “heat” and the 받아 part sounds the same as the Korean word for “sea” which is 바다


Thanks for reading! I'll see you in the next one~ 다음에 또 봐!

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