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Korean Dad Jokes | 아재 개그

Updated: Oct 10, 2022

1.) Question: 할아버지가 좋아하는 돈은 뭔지 알아?

Answer: 할머니

Explanation: 머니 sounds like “money” in English. 할머니 In Korean means “grandmother”.

할아버지가 - grandfather

좋아하는 돈은 - money that one likes

..뭔지 알아? - do you know what..?

2.) Question: 미국에서 비가 내리면은?

Answer: USB

Explanation: 비 In Korean means “rain” is pronounced similar to the letter B in English.

US + B = American rain

미국에서 - In America

비가 내리다 - to rain

(으)면 - when; If

3.) Question: 잘생긴 가위는?

Answer: 핸섬가이

Explanation: 가위 and 가이 sound similar. 핸섬 = handsome

잘생기다 - handsome

가위 - scissors

4.) Question: 세상에서 가장 야한 가수는 누구?

Answer: 다비치

Explanation: 비치 sounds similar to the word “b*tch” in English. 다비치 sounds close to DaVinci.

세상에서 - in the world

가장 야한 가수는 - the most racy/offensive singer

야하다 = racy, erotic; flashy

누구 - who

5.) Question: 아몬드가 죽으면?

Answer: 다이아몬드

Explanation: 다이 (die) + 아몬드 (almond) - 다이아몬드 = Diamond

아몬드 - almond

죽다 - to die

(으)면 - when; If

6.) Question: 항상 미안한 동물은?

Answer: 오소리

Explanation: In Korean 오소리 means “badger”.

오소리 sounds like “oh sorry” in English. In Korean

항상 미안한 동물 - an animal that is always sorry

항상 - always

미안하다 - to be sorry

동물 - animal

7.) Question: 피자가 놀라면?

Answer: 피자헛

Explanation: 피자헛 is the same as “pizza hut” in English, which if you don’t know is a pizza chain restaurant. 헛 actually means nonsense, false. But I don’t know about in this joke - maybe it’s more like a noise that someone makes when they are surprised.

피자 - pizza

놀라다 - be surprised, shocked

면 - when; if

8.) 달에서 쓰는 언어는?

Answer: 문어

Explanation: 문 sounds like “Moon” in English. In Korean -어 is a suffix used to mean language or word. Example: 한국 (Korea) > 한국어 (Korean language) So 문 + 어 means moon language. 문어 itself has the meanings of “written language” and “octopus”

달에서 - in/on the moon

쓰다 - to use

언어 - language

달에서 쓰는 언어 - a language that is used on the moon


Did you enjoy these? Comment below and let me know which one was the funniest to you?

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