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Korean Superstitions | scary korean superstitions

In Today's blog I'll share a few scary Korean superstitions. These superstitions are not necessarily still believed by all Korean people, but they are well known. Like this blog for good luck! Check here for more superstitions.

Writing someone's name in red is a big NO-NO

The theory is that red is symbiotic of death, as it is the same color as blood. The second theory is rooted in green history. When Grand Prince Suyang (수양대군), the second son of king sejong the great of the Joseon Dynasty (1392-1897) was planning a coup, he use red ink to make a hit list of enemies on the opposing side. The third theory claims that during the Korean War, red ink was used to strike out the name of the dead civilians and soldiers killed in action. Whatever the case is, it would be wise to choose a different color when writing someone's name!

Sticking chopsticks straight into a bowl of rice is a big NO-NO

This is also a big no no in Korean culture because it resembles a Korean funeral ceremony and 제사, and memorial ceremony held on the anniversary of the ancestors death. During the ceremony, incense burners are usually filled with rice to act as the holder, and spoons are stuck directly into the bowl of rice (some families choose to place them next to the bowl, Instead). To avoid inadvertently offering the person sitting next to you a memorial Service, keep your Chapstick somewhere else, usually on top of the bowl or on the table. Often, a small ceramic rest is provided on the table.

Don't whistle at night

No matter how happy you are, whistling at night it's some thing Korean parents would stop you from doing because it's believed to attract the snakes. The logic behind the idea is that in the past snake hunters used whistling which is similar to the hissing sound of the snakes to lure in control them and it's the adults who spread the rumor to elicit behavior (because quiet at night!) Such as the case with Santa Claus. With most of the Korean families now living in concrete apartments and probably never getting a chance to see a snake throughout their life, the idea is pretty obsolete

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