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Dialects of South Korea| 6 major dialects (Part II)

안녕하세요(Annyeonghaseyo)! I'm EunHo(은호) from India(인도)! I'm learning Korean(한국어) since 1 year(1년) and can write a 150 word paragraph easily 😅. Shall we begin? 시작할까요?

So last time I talked about three of the six main dialects of the Korean language spoken in South Korea. Today I'm going to continue from the rest. The main reason behind me making two parts is that I, as a reader don't like to read long blogs so I create shorter ones. What type do you prefer? Long or short? Do comment below!

4. Gyeongsang Dialect

Busan! Yes to the city where BTS's Jimin belongs to! This dialect is spoken there besides two more major cities namely --Daegu and Ulsan. This dialect feels really offensive to hear first. It feels like two people are having an argument when they speak it. But the real thing is; it's just a normal daily conversation!

Also people from this region are pretty honest and straight-forward and just don't like to beat around the bush. This might make it sound unintentionally rude to hear.

But trust me, people of this region are as friendly as other Koreans. If you know Jimin, you might have got an idea about their inner personality.

Also you might find a little difference in the pronouciations too

For e.g.; 어디=으디 (where)

의사=이사 (doctor)

5. Jeolla Dialect

The major city of this region is Gwangju. This was probably the first dialect I came across beyond Standard Korean. I got this dialect in the history-period drama, Youth of May. This region is also called Honam (호남) which literally means 'South of the lake.'

You can watch BTS's J-Hope's Jeolla dialect videos to experience it in real life. Jeolla dialect is also known as South-western Korean and this region geographically lies in the southwestern part of the peninsula.

6. Jeju Dialect

This dialect is spoken in the beautiful island of Jeju. However, if we consider it as a completely different language, it won't be wrong. This dialect doesn't even sound like the Standard Korean at all! People from Seoul, Busan or any part of the Korean peninsula can't even understand a single sentence at times at all!

To be exact, around 75% of Jejudo's dialect doesn't even exist in Standard Korean. This dialect has even been influenced by Japanese and Mongolian languages. But if you're a Korean language learner like me, be ready to hear a good news! In this dialect, politeness levels are a less of an issue!

Also, the younger generation can speak and understand Standard Korean, which is both good and bad. This is because this unique dialect might perish due to this. It is the older folk who still speaks this dialect .

감사합니다 for reading until here .Like if you appreciate my work!😄For any queries you can follow me and DM me on my personal Instagram account @__an_idiosyncratic__


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