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Everything You Need To Know About Blogging | Easy to follow template for creating amazing blogs

- I don't usually put anything up here, but notice how interesting my title is and it captures attention

plus I added a gif that is related to my blog, you could also add a static image or nothing at all.

INTRO: 안녕~ Welcome back or welcome to the first edition of my blog template. I am KoreanStudyJunkie and today I will be showing you exactly how to create exciting and engaging blogs for (Added in a link here - just type the URL directly by typing the website or highlight the word first and click the link button - it kind of looks like a paperclip at the top of the page)

(sidenote: the best way to use this template is by duplicating it and then editing it and following the instructions and tips I left inside of this blog to make it your own unique thing. You could also just edit it and read it while looking at all the buttons and features I mention. If you read it without doing so, you'll be confused.)


Immediately introduce the topic or subject of your blog. There will be a plus button next to the words while you are typing or a plus button that says "add" probably on the left side of the page.

It has quite a few features that you can add to you blog to make it look more interesting. I had made a tutorial video introducing all of those features and more, but I don't know if any of you will ever see it at this point lol.

(Another tip for you: Try not to add any emojis even if you are making the blog on your phone - I just think emojis look weird when you are not reading it on your phone) Also splitting up paragraphs or even just sentences that make the words look like a big blog of text. Make sure it looks nice to read and not daunting to the eyes.

person scrolling and reading on their phone.
You could add a caption for the image too

This plus button can add in a single image, a gallery of images, videos, gifs, files, dividers, and much more. I don't usually add in more pictures or videos, but you can. It is especially good if you are making blogs about a specific K-pop group or K-drama. This website has free images like the one I used above - in the section that says 'Media from Wix'. Apparently you can also add links to those images, which might come in handy for some.

If you click the image you will see a settings button and you can add a caption. By clicking on the image you can delete it, change the size or placement, or click replace to change the image with a new one.

I'm adding a divider here to show that you can. You can make it smaller or change the design by just clicking the divider itself.


Look at the side of the page- you should see a settings button. There you can add a cover image, if you want a specific meme or picture as the cover image you should add it there instead of inside the blog. If you don't want to add a cover image you can just disable that for your blog in the same area right next to where it says 'display cover image'.

In that same section you can choose who the author of your blog is. Incase this blog says "koreanstudyjunkie" instead of yours, you should change it as you are using this template to create your own blog. Also if your blog is shorter or longer than mine that is fine, just erase the extra text if you need to.

After that you need to make sure to add in the description of your post. Click "Advanced" and it will pop up. Write at least 1 sentence about the topic of your post. I believe blog editors (I don't know about other roles) could add in "related posts". It lets you add in 3 other posts that people will be directed towards after your post, so it's smart to include your other posts to encourage people to read them.

You can add in buttons like this that also link to whatever you want. You can change it's shape and design. (random note: the blog will save periodically as you write, but you can also just click the "save" button whenever you want. don't click "save as draft" if you want to continue writing because it will exit you out of the blog I think and you would have to click it again to keep writing)

Ignore the SEO button on the side, but make sure to click the 'categories' and choose at least 1 category that matches the theme of your post. I clicked "Tips/ Advice", but if you don't see a category that matches yours then ask me or a blog editor to make one for you.

Lastly is "tags". I don't know if there is a limitation on who can add tags, but if you can then you should do it. Even just a couple that have to do with your blog. This is so that the readers can click it or find things that have a similar tag easily.


OUTRO: That's all for this blog. I hope you enjoyed and learned something new. Comment below your favorite blog tip. (you don't actually have to, just an example for a call to action to add at the end of your posts)

After that you can click "save as draft" if you aren't finished, but want to come back to write later or simply save and publish. Guest writers, just message me or blog editors/writers and one of us can publish it for you.

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I’m not sure if I would ever start a blog, but it’s interesting to see how much work actually goes into it! Thanks for your hard work!

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