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Hair Vocabulary In Korean

안녕~ Koreanstudyjunkie입니다! I have prepared a list of Korean vocabulary words related to hair and hair care. Hope you enjoy!

Vocabulary List:

두피 - scap

머리 - head; hair

머리카락 - hair

머리끈 - hair tie, hair band

머리띠 - scrunchie, hair tie, hair band

긴 머리카락 - long hair

단발머리 - bobbed hair, bob

생머리 - straight hair

곱슬머리 - curly hair

마리를 닿다 - braid one's hair

머리가 벗겨진 - bald

가발 - wig, hair piece

가발을 쓰다 - to wear a wig

파마 - perm

염색하다 - to dye

탈색하다 - to bleach

금발 머리 - blonde hair

갈색 머리 - bruntette, brown hair

빨간 머리 - red hair, redhead

빗, 머리빗 - comb, hiarbrush

가위 - scissors

자르다 - to cut

머릿결 - hair texture

탈모 - hair loss

발모 - hair growth

비듬 - dandruff

미용실 - beauty salon

미용사 - hairdressm beautician

체모 - body hair

수염 - beard

수염을 가르다 - to grow a beard

콧수염 - mustache

깎다 - to shave


That's all for this post. I hope you enjoyed it and learned something new. You can actually leave a like on this post to let me know that you liked this blog!

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