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Korean Daily Routine Vocabulary

Updated: Apr 25, 2023

안녕~ It's KoreanStudyJunkie. In this lesson, we'll cover vocabulary words and phrases that you can use to talk about daily routine!

Vocabulary List:

일어나다 - get up, wake up

잠들다 - to fall asleep

잠을 자다 - to go to sleep

하품 - yawn

하품을 하다 - to yawn

스트레칭을 하다 - to stretch, stretching

샤워하다 - to shower

이를 닦다 - brush one's teeth

옷을 입다 - put on clothes

갈아입다 - to change clothes

옷을 벗다 - take off clothes

세수하다 - to wash one's fast

면도하다 - to shave

화장을 하다 - to put one's makeup

어침을 먹다 - to eat breakfast

출근하다 - go to work

퇴근하다 - come home from work, get off of work

운동하다 - to exercise

커피를 마시다 - to drink coffee

집안일을 하다 - do chores, do housework

숙제 - homework

숙제를 하다 - to do homework

일하다 - to work

택시를 타다 - take a taxi

버스를 타다 - ride the bus

지하철을 타다 - take the subway

기차를 타다 - ride the train

책을 읽다 - to read a book

게임을 하다 - to play a game

머리를 감다 - to wash hair

심부름을 하다 - to do errands

전화를 하다 - to call (on a phone)

전화를 받다 - to get a phone call (from someone else)

침대를 정리하다 - to make one's bed

장을 보러 가다 - to go grocery shopping

청소하다 - to clean

설거지를 하다 - to wash the dishes

알람을 끄다 - turn off an alarm

알람을 켜다 - turn on an alarm

음악을 듣다 - to listen to music

춤을 추다 - to dance

노래하다 - to sing a song


That's all for today's post! If you're interested in learning more vocab, check out my other vocabulary books on my shop. It makes it easy to learn lots of words in a short period of time.

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