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How to check your Korean sentences

안녕! Koreanstudyjunkie입니다. Today we'll talk about how you can check your own sentences and/or receive corrections on your sentences. No, the solution does not involve google translate.

There are actually MANY MANY ways to check not only your grammar, but your spelling as well. I have here my BEST suggestions. Depending on whether you just need something quick and to the point or would like a more personal touch with explanations - you can find you preference among my list of suggestions.

By the way, there are no affliate links included.

Simple and Quick Grammar/Spelling Checkers

I'll admit that I had no clue these existed prior to starting to write this blog, but a simple google search has revealed a whole new world to me! These days, there are actual grammar checkers you can use. They are AI tools that can spot grammar and spelling errors. When I first started learning, these definitely weren't around or weren't as common. I briefly played around with these out of pure fascination and here are a couple of the top grammar checkers I found. You can find more by simply googling "korean grammar checker".

Korean Grammar Checker (sapling ai)

Noun Plus - Grammar Checker

Korean Translators/Dictionaries

There are a PLETHORA of Korean translators and dictionaries out there these days. Not to shame anyone, BUT If you are still only using google translate you are really missing out. Google translate has gotten better over the years, BUT It still can NOT compete with translators that were MADE for the Korean language specifically or made in Koreans.

Google Translate has a history of being way too literal and while AI can never one hundred percent get perfect translations every time, the transkators below will be a lot better than Google. You'll sound very strange if you only rely on it. There are more than I'm listing below, but I'll tell my top 3 favorite translators to use. Although, I usually stick to just ONE. Once again, you can find more by googling "best korean translator" or "best korean dictionary".

Other Honorable Mentions:

Daum Dictionary

Korean English Dictionary & Translator by EVOLLY.APP

Corrections from Native Speakers

Of course technology is amazing, but it can also be very strict about the rules and as we know native speakers tend to break rules A LOT (just think about your native language, do you speak it properly - as a native english speaker I know that we don't). Native speakers can help you get a much more natural feel to your sentences by not just correcting the grammar, but providing colloquial alternatives to any VERY literal translations of things. Not to mention, it's more personal than using AI for example. This can make your Korean sound much more natural. There are a couple great platforms that I like to use.

Hellotalk is a language exchange app. Not only can you get corrections on sentences, there are voice rooms to practice speaking in. As well as opportunities to speak with native speakers through texting and audio messaging. You can use this one for other languages besides just Korean. I personally have been using it a great deal for Japanese. A downside is that you may not always be able to get corrections right away. Make sure you help others out too and correct their English sentences (or whatever your native language is), that will encourage people to help you.

This platform used to be really good and I would use it often, but these days I hear it isn't as great. You can use it to ask any questions you have about Korean. You can use it for sentence correction as well. It feels almost like Reddit or Quora (or at least it felt like that the last time I used it).

Corrections AND Feedback from A Teacher

This one may be obvious, but the one advantage a tutor or teacher can give you that a Korean native speaker with no teaching qualifications can is EXPLANATIONS. Not only does a tutor correcting you in real time help you internalize the right AND natural way of saying things, but they can more often than not tell you WHY it is that way. Native speakers have no clue why something sounds better one way over another way, because it just "sounds right" to them. I used a couple different websites in the past to find Japanese tutors.

A few good platforms to find teachers are..

I also offer Korean lessons! If you are interested, here are my rates:

30 min + hw/practice = $12 USD

45 min + hw/practice = $15 USD

60 mins + hw/practice = $20 USD

45 mins + no practice = $12 USD

60 mins + no practice = $15 USD

Self-Paced - Written Lessons = $10 USD

Other Options You Have:

We can meet 1, 2, or 3x a week. You also have the option to do Bi-weekly (once a week) lessons.

The Lessons are personalized to you and your needs. We can focus on whatever you want: Grammar, Vocabulary, Speaking, Writing, Listening and/or Reading. Any level is welcome to join me.

Check Here If You Would Like To Sign Up!

If You Can't Afford A Teacher...

I get it. Lessons can add up. The next best thing is using language exchange apps to get on the spot corrections. When you are speaking in language exchange apps, there are usually features that allow you to correct each other in your personal messages.

My favorite language exchange apps are..




Social Media - If done correctly almost any social media platform can be used for language exchange.

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