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How to say "how are you" in Korean | How to answer to “잘 지냈어요?”

안녕하세요 여러분~ Koreanstudyjunkie입니다! Today we're going to dive into a pretty basic greeting in Korean. There are a few different ways you can say it.

Question: 어떻게 지내세요? (Formal)

Question: 잘 지내세요? (Formal)

other forms:

잘 지냈어요?

잘 지내셨어요?

You can also make this informal with friends. 잘 지냈어?


잘 지냈어요. = I'm good

그냥 그래요. = I'm so-so

Question: 밥 먹었어? (Informal)

This is a greeting you can use with your friends. It literally means "have you eaten?" but it's a more casual way to say "how are you". It can alsp change depending on the time of day. In the morning, you may ask have you eaten breakfast? 아침 먹었어?

other forms:

밥 먹었나?

밥 먹었니?

ANSWER: 네 / 응 = Yes

Question: 잘 있었어요? (Formal)

This is the same as asking "Have you been well?" In Korean.

Can also be used informally - 잘 있었어?



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