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Korean Vocabulary List For Fall - Autumn Korean Vocab

안녕 친구들~ It's Koreanstudyjunkie! I have a list of autumn/fall Korean vocabulary words and phrases. My favorite season is finally here!

AUTUMN FALL weather/nature:

Autumnal equinox = 추분

to be warm = 따뜻하다

to be chilly = 쌀쌀하다

to be cool = 시원하다

Fallen leaves = 낙엽

Brown = 갈색

Yellow = 노란색

Orange = 주황색

Red = 빨간색

Pine cone = 솔방울


Candy = 사탕

to carve a pumpkin = 호박을 조각하다

Lollipop = 막대사탕

Candy corn = 캔디 콘

Chocolate = 초콜릿

Cinnamon = 계피

Cookies = 쿠키

Costume = 분장

Decoration = 장식품

Ghost = 귀신

Halloween = 할러윈

Horror movie = 공포영화

Pumpkin = 호박

Jack-o-lantern = 호박초롱

Skeleton = 뼈대

Spider = 거미

Zombie = 좀비

Vampire = 뱀파이어

Witch = 마녀

Sweater = 스웨터

to trick-or-treat = trick or treat 놀이를 하다

to be scary / scared = 무섭다

to dress up = 변장을 하다

AUTUMN foods & traditions:

Chuseok = 추석 (korean thanksgiving)

Thanksgiving = 추수감사절

> refers to American Thanksgiving

Pumpkin pie = 호박 파이

Pumpkin spice latte = 펌킨 스파이스 라떼

Apple cider = 사과 사이다

Apple pie = 애플파이

Turkey = 칠면조

Family = 가족

to be thankful = 고마움을 느끼다

to bake = 굽다

to pick apples = 사과를 따다

Fireplace = 벽난로

Blanket = 담요

Candle = 양초


That's it for this post! This was a bit shorter than I wanted, but I think we covered all the most "essential" words. If you are serious about increasing your vocabulary game in Korean then check here!

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