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Body Parts Vocab In Korean

Updated: Sep 3, 2022

안녕하세요 여러분! I'm Zoey here again~ Learning vocab is an important part of any language. Learning them in categories in my opinion would be the most efficient and easy way to go about it! Here's a list of vocab to describe your body parts with! 머리 - Head

버리가락 - Hair

얼굴 - Face

이마 - Forehead

눈썹 - Eyebrow

눈 - Eye

코 - Nose

혀 - Tongue 이빨 - Teeth

귀 - Ears

어깨 - Shoulders

팔 - Arm

팔꿈치 - Elbow

Take note of the similarity between the following two categories to help you remember better

손 - Hand

손가락 - Fingers

손톱 - Nail

손목 - Wrist

발 - Foot

발가락 - Toes

발톱 - Toenail

발목 - Ankle

다리 - Legs

무릎 - Knees

위 - Stomach

배 - Belly

뱃살 - Belly Fat (Belly(ㅅ is added as an ' of ') + fat)

백꼽 - Belly Button

목 - Neck

턱 - Chin

뛰꿈치 - Heel

가슴 - Chest

엉덩이 - Hip

입 - Mouth

Now that you know the vocab for body parts here's a fun video that I'm sure was in many of our early childhood years. And it's even more fun because now it's in Korean! Try and see if you can identify the words you just learnt.

Hope these lists were helpful my lovelies. Basic Korean vocab is really important and now you know how to describe all your body parts!

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