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Korean Drama Tropes You’ve Probably Seen A Lot

안녕하세요 여러분! It's KoreanStudyJunkie~ Let's look at some common tropes so many Kdramas are guilty of following - some may even say too much haha.

7.) Sudden Amnesia

Amnesia is a trope that's often seen in many K-dramas. It's often used as a plot device for main characters to add a level of suspense, especially when it comes to a love story.

6.) Disapproving & Overbearing Parents

It's not uncommon to see love dramas use this trope, often when the charming and elite male character defies his parents' wishes to be with the person he truly loves. In Boys Over Flowers, the main male character's mother is often tagged as being one of the evilest to appear in a K-drama.

5.) Friends Or Enemies Turned Lovers

This is one of the most often seen tropes to appear in K-dramas because it sets up the storyline for a love story. It's also one of the most popular. This trope can come in a variety of forms, like the cold and distant cool guy who has it out for the female lead. There's also the lifelong best friends who one day realize they have feelings for each other.

4.) Idols As Main Characters

For fans of K-Pop and K-dramas, it's a joy to see a famous idol grace the screen in a lead role. The idol's popularity brings in an already established viewership when a K-Pop idol tries their hand at acting.

3.) Tragic Event Or Illness

As the storyline goes on and things seem like they're going to be okay, tragedy strikes. It's a useful and often used plot element that shifts the story to the serious and adds a level of tension. This is done with a character being involved in a vehicle accident or another form of physical altercation.

This trope can also be described as the moment in K-dramas where a main or supporting character becomes terminally ill. In some cases, it involves the sudden reveal of a character on the brink of death and how no one knew.

2.) The Love Triangles

Fans can go on and on about how K-dramas use love triangles to create a love story that has them on the edge of their seat. There are also love triangles that created "second lead syndrome," where the second choice was more deserving of the female character's love.

Love triangles create intense drama that pulls at the heartstrings and even has people shedding a tear. It's an impactful moment when the leads admit their feelings for each other and the third wheel is left heartbroken. Many dramas are well known for it, like Cheese In The Trap, Strong Woman Do Bong Soon and Heirs.

1.) The Cinderella Story

Cinderella's story of a simple girl getting the opportunity to glam herself up and impress the prince has been reiterated in many forms on screen, even in K-dramas. This more often than not occurs in the form of makeovers or a lower-status girl catching the eye of the popular male lead.


That's all I have for you today. I usually post Korean learning content, but today is a fun post about Korean dramas. I took this information from a wbesite called: screenrant

To be honest I don't watch many Kdramas. I don't think I have seen any dramas listed in the post. I usually don't like watching romantic genre of Korean shows which is a lot of them haha. Recommend me some kdramas to watch in the comments

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