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Animal Sounds in Korean

Updated: May 13

안녕하세요 여러분! In this lesson, we'll look at some Korean onomatopoeias - otherwise referred to as mimetic Korean words.


에취 - achoo

뚜벅뚜벅 - sound of footsteps

엉엉 - cry of a baby

쪽 - sound of kisd

아야 - ouch

드르렁드르렁 - snoring sound

두근두근 - throbbing heart sound & feel

꿀꺽꿀꺽 - gulping sound

짝짝짝 - clapping sound

새근새근 - breathing of a sleeping bany

콜록콜록 - coughing sound

냠냠 - chewing sound

쩝쩝 - eating nosily sound

앗 - oops

쏙닥쏙닥 - whispering sound

딩동 - ring of a doorbell

똑똑똑 - knock

빵빵 - honk of a horn; car horn

부릉부릉 - car engine revving

쨍그랑 - clink of wine glasses

딸랑딸랑 - jingle or twinkle bell sound

따르릉 - a ringing phone

쉿 - shh

댕댕댕 - clang clang

쿨쿨 - sleeping

주륵 주륵 - falling rain

빤짝 빤짝 - shine/sparkle

끽 - creak

삐걱삐걱 - creaking sound

씽 - zoom

쉭 - whoosh

쾅 - crashing

따근따근 - warm

삐뽀삐뽀 - firetruck & police car siren

칙칙폭폭 - train choo choo sound

째깍째깍 - sound of a clock

지글지글 - sizzling sound

치카치카 - brushing teeth sound


멍멍 - dog (bark)

야옹 - cat (meow)

꿀끌 - pig (oink)

음메 - cow (moo)

구구 - pigeon

맴맴 - cicada

꽥꽥 - duck (quack)

개굴 개굴 - frog (ribbt)

찍찍 - mouse

삐약삐약 - baby chicks (quack)

꼬끼오 - rooster

부엉 부엉 - owl (whoo)


That's all for this post! You can see "related" posts below to keep learning. Or you can check here to search for another lesson or cocnept.


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