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Korean Phone Vocabulary/Phrases | Switching Your Phone’s Settings Into Korean Language

Updated: Apr 18

안녕하세요, It's Koreanstudyjunkie! If you've ever searched for Korean study tips and been faced with "switch your phone language to Korean" but are too intimiated by all the unknown words and phrases - you've come to the right place!

Today, I've compiled a list of all the most common vocab you'll encounter upon switching your phoness language + how to switch your phones language to Korean.


For Iphone Users:

  • Go to Settings

  • Select General

  • Enter 'Language & Region'

  • Click 'Add Language...'

  • Select "Korean" or search "Korean" or "한국어"

  • Choose Apply or Continue

  • All Done!

For Android Users:

  • Go to Settings

  • Select "General" or "General Management"

  • Scroll down and tap "System"

  • You should see a section called "Language and Input", Click on it

  • Press "Add language"

  • Find "Korean"

  • All Done!


MESSAGING (& Other Internet Things)

이모티콘 - Emoji, Emoticon

검색 - Search

문자 메시지 - Text message

카메라 - Camera

사진 - Photo(s)

방금 읽음 - Just read

방금 보냄 - Just sent

전송됨 - delivered (as in your text was delivered)

새 메시지 - New message

채팅방 - Group chat

온라인 - Online

인터넷 - Internet

게시물 - Posts, Post

오르다 - to Upload (a post)

좋아요 - Like

싫어요 - Dislike

댓글 - Comment

구독 - Subscribe

팔로우 - Follow

팔로우하다 - to Follow

공유 - Share

링크 - Link

더 보기 - See more, show more

저장 - Save

릴스 - Reels

동영상 - Video

방송 (라이브) - Broadcast, Live stream

음악 - Music

플레이리스트 - Playlist

팟캐스트 - Podcast

광고 - Ad, Advertisement

스킵하다 - to skip (an ad)

넷플 , 넷플릭스 - Netflix

시청 - watching

프로필 - Profile

재생 속도 - Playback speed

자막 - Captions, Subtitles

프로필 사진 - Profile picture (can be shortened to 포사 in text slang)

재생 - play

재생되다 - to be played

뛰어나기 - skip

포함 - to be included

신고 - Report

PHONE SETTINGS (+ Similar Things)

와이파이 - Wifi

비밀 번호 - Passcode

전화 번호 - Phone number

설정 - Settings

일반 - General

언어 및 지역 - Language & Region

언어 추가 - Add Language

배경화면 - Phone Wallpaper

개인정보 - Personal Info

메모 - Notes

미리 알림 - Reminders

지도 - Map

건강 - Health

일기 - Journal

기타.., - More, Etc.

연결 - Connect, Connection


추가 - Add

시계 - Clock

이메일 - E-mail

사전 - Dictionary

완료 - Done

앱 - App

더운로드받다 , 더운로드하다 - to Download

번역 - Translator

통화, 전화 - Call

오려두기 - Cut

복사하기 - Copy

붙여넣기 - Paste

편집 - Edit

삭제 - Delete

최근 - Recently

최근 통화 - Recent calls

영상 통화 - Video call

음성 통화 - Voice call

연락처 - Contacts

음성 사서함 - Voice mails

알림 - Notification 끔 - Off

즉시 - Immediately


There's definitely more that can be added. But for now, I'm going to leave this list as is (and I'll either come back to update it or make a part 2). If you're looking for TEXT slang, you can see related posts below!

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