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Korean Quotes About Life

Quotes are always fun, especially Korean quotes. A heads up, this is mainly for people who are learning Korean and looking for something kind of fun to study. I left a list of vocabulary from all the quotes at the end of this post!

1.) 우리는 행복한 줄 모르기에 행복할 줄 모른다.

English Translation: We don’t know how to be happy because we don’t know we are happy.

Explanation: Similar to the feeling when you don't realize you were in a good memory or time of your life until it's already past.

2.) 오늘 걷지 않으면 내일 뛰어야 한다.

English Translation: If you don’t walk today, you must run tomorrow.

Explanation: Referring to procrastination. If you just do a little today, It won't be as hard tomorrow. If you have a dream or goal you should pursue it today, instead of waiting for a sign or another person.

3.) 고통이 없이는 얻는 것도 없다.

English Translation: No pain no gain.

Explanation: Life is hard. For example, learning Korean is hard but not understanding Korean (idols/shows/books/songs/etc.) is hard as well. Choose which hard option you would rather do.

4.) 웃음은 최고의 명약이다.

English Translation: Laughter is the best medicine.

5.) 보는 것이 믿는 것이다.

English Translation: Seeing is believing.

6.) 성공한 사람을 찾아서 따라하지 말고 항상 자기 생각대로 행동하고 표현하며 스스로에게 믿음을 가져라.

English Translation: Always be yourself, express yourself, have faith in yourself. Do not go out and look for a successful personality and duplicate it.

Explanation: It's easy to water yourself down for other people in these days. Don't try to be like those you see on social media, create your own path. It's easier said than done, but can be achieved with practice. Remember Quote #3!

7.) 나 자신에게 더욱 집중하라.

English Translation: Focus more on yourself.

8.) 새로운 언어는 새로운 삶이다.

English Translation: A new language is a new life.

Explanation: Being able to understand an entire other language adds so much depth to you and your life. You will expand your mind, your horizons, so much more by even understanding a little bit of another language.

If you aren't learning Korean and are interested, I hope this post inspires you. Let it be your sign. I made another blog post about how to get started - read it here.


Vocab From The Quotes :

행복한 줄 모른다 - to not know how to be happy

행복할 줄 모른다. - to not know your happy

고통 - pain

없이 - without

얻는 것 - earning, gaining

없다 - not be

보는 것 - looking

믿는 것 - trust, believing

웃음 - laughter

최고 - the best

명약 - a good medicine

오늘 - today

걷지 않으면 - if you don’t walk

걷다 - to walk

지 않다 - don’t

으면 - if

내일 - tomorrow

뛰어야 한다. - have to run

아/어야 하다 - have to, should do

성공한 - successful

사람 - people

찾다 - to find

따라하지 말고 - don’t follow

항상 - always

자기 - oneself

생각대로 - as one pleases

행동하다 - to behave, act

표현하다 - to express

스스로 - by oneself

믿음 - trust, belief

가지다 - to have

나 자신 - myself

자신 - oneself

더욱 - more and more

집중하다 - to focus

새로운 - new

언어 - language

삶 - life


That's it for this post. We have plenty more here!

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