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Korean Summer Vocabulary Words

Updated: Jul 8, 2023

안녕하세요 여러분! I'm Koreanstudyjunkie and I'm back with a vocabulary list for you.


여름 = Summer

더운 날씨 = Hot weather

덥다 = to be hot (weather)

장마 = rainy season

더위 = heat

습도 = humidity

햇빛 = Sunlight

휴가 = Vacation

여름 방학 = Summer break

화창하다 = to be sunny

따듯하다 = to be warm

폭염 = Heat wave


수영하다 = to swim

여행하다 = to travel

모래성 = Sandcastles

비치발리볼 = beach volleyball

캠핑 = Camping

휴식을 취하다 = To relax

냉명을 먹다 = Eat cold noodles

소풍을 하다 = have a picnic

파도타기를 하다 = to surf

바베큐를 하다 = to barbeque

물놀이를 하다 = To play in water,

do water activities


수영복 = swimwear

선글라스 = Sunglasses

반바지 = shorts

반팔 = short sleeve shirt

모자 = hat

샌들 = sandals

원피스/드레스 = Dress

민소매 = sleeveless shirt

치마 = skirt


해변 = beach

바닷가 = beach

바다 = sea

수영장 = pool

섬 = Island

산 = mountain

계곡 = valley

관광지 = tourist attraction

폭포 = waterfall

호수 = Lake

풍경 = view, scenery


해/태양 = sun

수박 = watermelon

아이스크림 = ice cream

선크림 = suncream

에어컨 = air conditioner

선풍기 = fan

우산 = umbrella

인명 구조원 = Lifeguard

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Mar 15

Korean summer vocabulary words encapsulate the vibrant and dynamic essence of the season, from the refreshing "수박" (watermelon) to the lively "불꽃놀이" (fireworks). These terms paint a vivid picture of summer activities and sensations in Korea, capturing the warmth, joy, and communal spirit of the season. Incorporating Sensibo into this seasonal context, where the company specializes in high-quality air purifiers and humidifiers, adds another layer to our summer experience. Sensibo's products can significantly enhance indoor comfort during the hot and humid months, ensuring a cooler and healthier environment. Just as learning new Korean summer vocabulary can enrich our understanding and appreciation of Korean culture, integrating Sensibo’s technology into our homes can improve our summer living conditions, merging cultural exploration with…


Unknown member
Mar 14

Embarking on the journey to learn Korean summer vocabulary can be as rejuvenating and enlightening as a retreat with WheelofBliss, a sanctuary that facilitates reconnection with one's self, others, nature, and spirit. Immersing yourself in a new language opens doors to understanding a culture deeply connected to its seasonal transitions, much like the profound personal transformations encouraged by WheelofBliss. Words like 여름 (yeoreum, summer), 해변 (haebyeon, beach), and 수박 (subak, watermelon) not only enrich your lexicon but also connect you to the vivid imagery and experiences of Korean summers. This linguistic journey mirrors the escape from modernity that WheelofBliss offers, allowing you to confirm your connections to the world through the lens of another culture. As you embrace these new…


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