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Korean Legal Terminology

Updated: Mar 4

안녕하세요 여러분! It's Vaibhavi from India. I recently saw the Korean drama "Law school," and as I immersed myself in the world of legal academia and courtroom drama, I came across plenty of legal terms that was essential to comprehending the story. Audiences are often intrigued by legal dramas because of their complex legal disputes and dramatic courtroom sequences.

We'll go over important Korean legal concepts in this blog post that are inspired by "Law School," with examples from the show. Lastly, to show you how to use the terms and phrases you learned, we'll choose a concept from the drama and I'll break it down for you.

  1. Basic Legal Terminology: 법 - Law 사법 - Judiciary 법률 - Legal 사법관 - Judge 변호사 - Lawyer/Attorney 피고인 - Defendant 원고 - Plaintiff 증거 - Evidence 판결 - Judgment

  2. Legal Procedures: 소송 - Lawsuit/Litigation 증인 - Witness 검찰 - Prosecutor 피고 - Accused 대법원 - Supreme Court 재판 - Trial 항소 - Appeal

  3. Legal Concepts: 유죄 - Guilty 무죄 - Not Guilty 법적 - Legal 죄 - Crime 형벌 - Punishment 불법 - Illegal 합의 - Settlement

  4. Courtroom Proceedings:

증언 - Testimony

변론 - Argument

진술 - Statement

증언서 - Affidavit

기소 – Prosecution


  1. 우리 사회의 기본 법칙은 평등합니다. The fundamental law of our society is equality.

  2. 사법부는 독립적이어야 합니다. The judiciary must be independent.

  3. 변호인이 피고인을 대표할 것입니다. The lawyer will represent the defendant.

  4. 변호인은 피고인의 권리를 보호해야 합니다. Lawyers must protect the rights of the defendant.

  5. 이 증거는 우리의 주장을 뒷받침합니다. This evidence supports our argument.

  6. 판결이 내려질 때까지 기다려야 합니다. We must wait for the judgment to be handed down.

  7. 그는 형사 범죄로 기소되었습니다. He was charged with a criminal offense.

Debate Scene in Court about Plagiarism:

Judge: (판사) "저희가 오늘 거론할 사건은 저작권 침해로 기소된 사건입니다. 피고인은 특정 작품에서 다른 작품을 표절했다는 혐의로 기소되었습니다."

Translation: "The case we are discussing today is a case of copyright infringement. The defendant has been charged with the accusation of plagiarism, copying from another work without permission."

Lawyer for the Plaintiff: (원고 대리인) "피고인의 작품은 우리의 원작물을 훔쳐 왔습니다. 이는 명백한 저작권 침해입니다."

Translation: "The defendant's work has stolen from our original work. This is a clear case of copyright infringement."

Lawyer for the Defendant: (피고인 대리인) "그렇지 않습니다. 피고인의 작품은 오직 영감을 받은 것뿐입니다. 본 작품은 전혀 다른 컨셉과 아이디어를 가지고 있습니다."

Translation: "Not really. The defendant's work is only inspired. This work has a completely different concept and idea".

Judge: "저희는 각 변론을 고려하여 결정을 내리겠습니다. 저작권법에 따라 피고인이 원고의 저작물을 침해했는지 여부를 확인할 것입니다."

Translation: "We will take each argument into consideration and make a decision. Under the Copyright Act, we will check whether the defendant infringed on the plaintiff's work".

Vocabulary Breakdown:

  • 저작권 - copyright

  • 침해 - infringement

  • 기소되다 - to be charged with

  • 혐의 - accusation

  • 표절 - plagiarism

  • 피고인 - defendant

  • 대리인 - lawyer/representative

  • 결정 - decision

Why not give the Korean drama Law School a try if you're keen to learn more about the legal and judicial systems? It gives a fascinating look into the intricacies of the legal system with its engaging plot and accurate depiction of courtroom operations. Have fun while you watch!

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