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Medical Korean: Organ Systems!

안녕하세요 여러분? Sindhu 입니다! Welcome back to our medical Korean series. This week, we'll be learning a little more anatomy (해부학) and focusing on organ systems (장기).

These words can help you better understand your own body as well as how to express any concerns with specificity to your doctor the next time you need to do so in Korean! This vocabulary list is, of course, not exhaustive in the slightest but instead serves as an overview of the major organs and vital structures of our body.

Vocabulary List

Upper body

  • Skin: 피부

  • Brain: 뇌

  • Tongue: 혀

  • Teeth: 이

  • Tonsils: 편도선

  • Throat: 목구멍

  • Auditory/Ear canal: 의이도 or 이도

  • Eardrum: 고막

  • Sinuses: 부비동


  • Lungs: 폐

  • Heart: 심장

  • Liver: 간

  • Spleen: 비장

  • Pancreas: 췌장

  • Gallbladder: 쓸개

  • Kidney: 신장

  • Bladder: 방광

  • Small intestine: 소장

  • Large intestine: 대장

  • Colon: 결장

Join me next week to learn how to talk about the different blood vessels, nerves, and bones in your body. See you then!

Leave a comment below with any suggestions for different parts of the body or medicine that you'd like to learn about!


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