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What Are The Months In Korean? | Days of the week in Korean

The months in Korean are a very easy concept to learn. In this post, you will learn all the months of the year In Korean. I will also provide a list of the days of the week.

Days Of The Week:

Monday = 월요일

Tuesday = 화요일

Wednesday = 수요일

Thursday = 목요일

Friday = 금요일

Saturday = 토요일

Sunday = 일요일


If you know how to count to 12 in Korean, then you pretty much know all the months. Korean doesn't have specific words for the different months like English has, for example: January or February.

Basically all you do is put the number next to the word for 'month' in Korean. But you should know, there is more than one way to say "month" In Korean. I will explain the difference quickly.

& are both used to mean "month". 월 comes from the Chinese word 月 (moon/month) whereas 달 is the indigenous Korean language word for moon or month. is used when talking about the amount of time or a period of time, for example, 4 months. is used when talking about a specific month of the year, for example, January.

They both use different number systems as well. uses native/pure Korean numbers (하나, 둘, 셋) and uses Sino-Korean numbers (일, 이, 삼). Also, they are occasionally used together as kind of a compound word meaning “sometime in X month.” Here's an example for you -

생일은 이월달입니다 = My birthday is sometime in February

In this post, we're simply learning about the months so we won't deal with 달 or 월달 anymore - at least not in this post.


You need to know these numbers:













You will add '월' after each number to create the months:

일월 - January

이월 - February

삼월 - March

사월 - April

오월 - May

칠월 - July

팔월 - August

구월 - September

십일월 - November

십이월 - December

You may have noticed that I left a couple of months out of this list, that's because there are certain rules that they follow that the other months don't.

Instead of It being 육월 - The correct form is

유월 - June

Similarly 십월 is incorrect - The correct form is

시월 - October


Now that you know all of the months and their respective rules, you should test yourself to help you remember these months.

Write out the month next to each line and then go back to check your answers.














That’s the end of this post! Comment below how many you got correct on the quiz and leave a like on this post if you learned something new. I have plenty more lessons you can learn from and study with.

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