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Night Vocabulary List

안녕하세요! Koreanstudyjunkie here and in this lesson we have a themed vocabulary list. This one is based on night-related nouns and verbs with example sentences.

Vocabulary List:

밤 - Night

초승달 - Crescent Moon

보름달 - Full Moon

반달 - Half Moon

별 - Star

일몰 - Sunset

잠들다 - To Fall Asleep

잠을 자다 - To Sleep

침대 - Bed

베개 - Pillow


게다가 운동을 하면 밤에 단잠을 잘 수 있습니다.

In addition, exercise can help you sleep better at night.


초승달이 떴어.

The crescent moon rose.


보름달 아래서 사랑을 고백하세요.

Confess your feeling under a full moon.


하지만 사실 보름달은 반달보다 9배나 밝아요.

But the full moon is really nine times brighter than the half moon.


남자가 별을 보며 소원을 빌고 있어요

A man is wishing on a star.


어젯밤 아름다운 일몰을 보았니?

Did you see the beautiful sunset last night?


네가 잠들 때까지 옆에 있으마

I'll stay by your side until you sleep.

잠을 자다

간밤에 너무 무서워서 잠을 잘 수 없었어

I couldn’t sleep last night because I was so afraid.


그녀는 침대에 누워 있는데 아파 보여요

She is lying in her bed. She looks sick.


베개가 침대 위에 있어.

The pillow is on the bed.

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