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Prepositions & Directions in Korean

Up, under, left, right, side, behind, in front.... Those are definitely useful to know in Korean. Imagine you ask for directions and you can't even understand what they're saying!

I'm Koreanstudyjunkie and first I'll introduce all the words you should know and study. Then we'll learn how to use them.

Vocabulary List:

Prepositions -

앞 = Front

옆 = Side

뒤 = Back

안 = Inside

밖 = Outside

밑/아래 = Under; Bottom

위 = Top; On

사이 = Between


왼쪽(으로) = Left (direction)

오른쪽(으로) = Right (direction)

똑바로 (직진) = Straight

앞으로 = Forwards

뒤로 = Backwards

근처 = Near

가깝다 = To be close

멀리 = Far

다음 = Next

맞은편 = Opposite Side

북(쪽) = North

남(쪽) = South

동(쪽) = East

서(쪽)= West

쪽 = Directions

전치사 = Prepositions

조사 = Postpositional Particle

How do you use prepositions?

Techinally there aren't any prepositions in Korean, but postpositions. 'Pre' means before, however In Korean these "prepositions" are located after the word they modify meaning they are "Post-positions". 'Post' meaning after.

Examples Of Prepositions ~

*not every word has examples

사람들이 호텔 에 앉아 있어요.

People are sitting in front of the hotel.

사람들 앞에서는 춤을 수 없어요.

I can't dance in front of all these people.

어린이 에 있는 소녀를 말하는 거지?

You mean the girl next to the little boy?

에 앉아 편안한 느낌을 가졌다.

I felt cozy sitting by the fire.

저기 좀 봐! 우물 에 늑대가 한 마리 있어!

Look! There is a wolf behind the well!

젊은 남녀가 내 뒤에 앉아있었어.

A young man and a young woman were sitting behind me.

남자가 여행 가방을 차 안에 넣고 있습니다.

The man is putting a suitcase/bag in the car.


에다 서명해 주세요.

Please sign there at the bottom.

우체국은 길 아래편에 있어요.

The post office is down the street.


학교와 공원 사이에 있어요.

It's between the school and the park.

피크닉 테이블이 나무 두 그루 사이에 있다.

The picnic table sits between two trees.


우체국은 왼쪽으로 두 블록 아래에 있어요.

The post office is two blocks down on the left.


극장을 지난 후에 오른쪽으로 가세요.

Turn right after you pass the theater.

똑바로 (직진)

2마일 동안 계속 똑바로 가세요.

Keep straight on for two miles.

다리를 건너서 직진하시오

Cross the bridge and go straight.


You made it to the end! It wasn't so bad, huh? I have plenty more lessons like this if you want more. Check underneath this post to see what you should learn next!


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