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Religion Names In Korean

Updated: Aug 17, 2023

안녕하세요! Koreanstudyjunkie입니다~ I've been wanting to make a post like this for awhile, but I was worried that some people would get upset over it. I know religion and religious beliefs can be a sensitive topic, but If you are a religious person you may want to know your religion name in Korean. This will not be an exhaustive list of, so I know I missed a lot of things - please leave a comment and I'll add to this post. Thank you!

Religions & Beliefs

종교 - Religion

독실하다 / 종교적이다 - Religious

무신론 - Atheism

유교 - Confuciansim

유대교 - Judaism

힌두교 - Hinduism

불교 - Buddhism

이슬람교 - Islam

기독교 - Christianity

장로교 - Presbyterianism

감리교 - Methodism

조계종 - Jogye

천태종 - Tiantai

무슬림 - Muslim

도교 - Taoism

가톨릭 교회 - Catholic church

개산교 교회 - Protestantism

루터 교회 - Lutheran church

감리 교회 - Methodist church

정교회 - Orthodox church

침례 교회 - Baptist chruch

샤만교 - Shamanism

교회 - Church

예배당 - Chapel

사원 - Temple

철 - Buddhist Temple

모스크 - Mosque

이념 - Ideology

무당 - Shaman

승력 - Monk

기독교인 / 기독교도 - Christian

성직자 - Priest

전도사 - Preacher

주교 - Bishop


하나님 - God

예수 - Jesus

예수 그리스도 - Jesus Christ

석가모니 - Buddha

부처 - Buddha

알라신 - Allah

Verbs & Other Vocab

기도하다 - To pray

천국 - Heaven

성경 - Bible

꾸란 - Quran

토라 - Torah


There's definitely more to be added to this list, but as I'm not a very religous person and don't have much knowledge of religions please leave a comment to tell me what I'm missing.

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Christina Li
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