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Korean Mental Health Vocabulary Words

Updated: Jan 30

안녕하세요! Koreanstudyjunkie입니다~ This lesson is about words associated with emotions and mental health - many of the words are negative but I also tried to incorporate more healthy and positive things in the end. Regardless these words are good to know!

TRIGGER WARNING: there are some words that may be triggering for you if you suffer from any mental illnesses or are sensitive to certain subjects like depression, anxiety, or suicide.

Vocabulary & Phrases:

정신 건강 = mental health

부정적이다 = to be negative

기분이 안 좋다 = to not be in a good mood

우울하다 = depressed; melancholy; low-spirits

우울 = depression, melancholy

불안 = anxiety; uneasiness

불안을 느끼다 = feel anxious, feel anxiety

스트레스 = stress

스트레스를 받다 = to be stressed out (receive stress)

비 오는 날 = rainy day

흐린 날 = cloudy day

슬프다 to be sad

슬픔 = sadness

화나다 = to be angry

속상하다 = to be upset

좌절감을 느끼다 = experience frustration; be discouraged

죄절 = frustrated

멘붕 [멘탈 붕괴] = mental breakdown

공허 = emptiness

감각이 없다 = numb

외롭다 = to be lonely

외로움 = loneliness

비관주의자 = pessimist

비관적 = pessimistic

비관 = pessimism

수치심 = shame

수치심을 느끼다 = feel shame

죄책감 = guilt

자신감이 없다 = no confidence

자부심 = self-esteem

낮은 자존심 = low self-esteem

자살 = suicide

자살 충동 = suicidal impulse

자살 충동을 느끼다 = feel suicidal

아픔 = pain

지치다 = be tired of something

정신 고갈 = mental exhaustion

Less Gloomy Words:

긍정적이다 = to be positive

기분이 좋다 = to be in a good mood

기분이 좋아지다 = for one's mood to become better

스트레스를 풀다 = to relieve stress

일기를 쓰다 = write in one's journal

치료 = treatment, therapy

치료 전문가, 치료사 = therapist

통증 완화 = pain relief

자신감이 생기다 = to gain confidence

행복해지다 = to become happy

낙관론, 낙관주의 = optimism

낙천적 = optimistic

That's all for this lesson! Check out our other Korean lessons here. Or you can scroll down and see some related posts and learn more vocabulary words.

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