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Scholarship for undergraduated years to study in Korea

Hello everybody, how have you been lately? Last week, I have talked about Sogang University. You can check it here. So today I will talk about something very important because we all know that universities in Korea are quite expensive: scholarships. That will be divide in 2 categories: scholarship provided by the university (here for Sogang) and scholarship provided by a foundation.

So, first for the scholarship provided by the university, it's very easy... you just need to go on the website of the university and you will see the page "Admission and after Scholarship". You click on it and you have informations.

I will put the link of others famous universities.

Ewha University (liberal arts, social sciences, natural sciences, engineering, music, art & design, education, business administration, science & industry convergence, medicine, nursing, pharmacy, Scranton College, HOKMA College of general education)


There is full or partial scholarship for students with outstanding admission score and full or partial scholarship for student chosen by the Admissions office based on financial, academics and others categories.

You can have a scholarship as soon as you apply to the university and they give generally scholarship.

Second, it's the scholarship provided by a foundation. These one are generally fully founded for the whole lenght of your education or your degree.

There is first the GKS undergraduate scholarship ( Global Korea Scholarship). This one is available for some fields of study: education, engineering, entertainment & sport, humanities, natural science, social science dependig of the university you choose. The applicant need to be under 25 years old. He need to have finished formal education and to possess a grade point average above 80%. That scholarship cover fully the airfare and the tuition fees, on a regular basis the medical Insurance (per month), the language courses (per quarter), the living allowance

(per month), and in a one time payment: the resettlement allowance, the printing costs and the completion grant.

Second, we have the global Hope scholarship program. This scholarship is given to students from a country in the Development Assistance Committee or in the list of the Official Development Assistance. The student need to experience financial difficulties that are affecting his/her studies. Student need to have proven academic excellence, including Korean and English abbilities, and who have a high probability of returning to her/his home country. This scholarship support up to 8 academic semesters and give a full or a partial tuition fee and the living expenses.

If you want to see more scholarship you can visit all of these website:

It's all for today, I hope the post was great. If you have other any question you can ask them on the commentary section or in private on Instagram.



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Oh! I’m planning to study abroad so this info is so useful!

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nice that will be helpful !


Apr 09, 2022

These days there are more posts in my Instagram feed on korean univerities, but this blog could provide new information for me too. It's very helpful.

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I'm so happy this help you more :))

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