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The Giving Tree in Korean (아낌없이 주는 나무) | Korean Folktales

Updated: May 17, 2022

안녕하세요! Koreanstudyjunkie님입니다~ Welcome back or welcome to another post. Today I have a Korean story for you to practice your reading skills.

There may be a few typos, just ignore them. There's an english translation & a list of vocab below.

Reminder: 하였다 = 했다 and the 되었다 = 됐다

STORY: 나무 한 그루가 있었어요. 그리고 그 나무한테 놀러 오는 귀여운 소년이 있었지요.

소년은 매일 나뭇가지에 매달려 놀기도 하고, 열매를 따 먹기도 하였어요. 또 술래잡기도 하고, 나무 그늘에서 낮잠도 잤다.

소년은 니무를 사랑하였고 나무도 소년을 사랑했어요. 둘은 아주 행복하였지요. 어느덧 소년은 청년이 되었고 나무도 크게 자랐어요.

소년은 다른 친구를 많이 만나게 되요. 나무에게는 가끔 놀러오게 되었지요. 세월이 흘러 소년은 어른이 되었어요.

그는 나무를 찾아와 밑동만 남겨 놓고 나무를 베어 팔았어요. 그래도 나무는 그가 오는 것이 좋았고 행복하였지요. 노인이 된 소년은 다시 나무를 찾아왔지요.

나무가 말하였어요. “나는 너에게 줄 거라고는 이제 아무것도 없어. 나는 밑동만 남았거든. 나는 아무것도 필요하지 않아. 그저 앉아서 편히 쉴 곳이나 있었으면 좋겠어.” 노인이 말하였어요. “앉아서 쉬기에는 늙은 나무 밑동이 최고야. 자, 이리 와서 앉아”

노인은 나무가 시키는 대로 하였지요. 나무는 무척 행복하였답니다.

English Translation:

There was a tree. And there was a cute boy who came to play with the tree.

The boy hung from the branches and ate the fruit every day. I also played tag and took a nap in the shade of a tree.

The boy loved the tree and the tree loved the boy. They were both very happy. Before he knew it, the boy became a young man and the tree grew big.

The boy meets many other friends. They sometimes came to visit the tree. Over the years, the boy became an adult.

He found a tree and cut down the tree and sold it. Still, the tree was happy and happy for him. The boy who had became old, came back to the tree.

The tree said. "I don't have anything for you anymore. I only have a stump left.” “I don't need anything. I just wish I had a place to sit down and relax." said the old man. "The old wooden base is the best to sit down and rest. Come here and sit down”

The old man did what the tree told him to do. The tree was very happy.


Full Vocabulary & Phrases List:

아낌없이 - generously

주다 - to give

나무 - tree

한 그루 - a tree

에게 | 한테 - to, from

놀러오다 - come to play

소년 - boy

매일 - everyday

나뭇가지 - branch, twig

매달리다 - hang, dangle

~기도 하다 - both; this as well as that

열매 - fruit, berry

따다 - pick

또 - also

술래잡기 - hide and seek

그늘 - shade

낮잠을 자다 - to take a nap

도 - also

둘 - two; two people

아주 - very

어느덧 - already, so soon

청년 - young person, youth

자라다 - to grow

다른 친구 - a different friend

만나게 돼요 - end up meeting

게 되다 - end up doing

가끔 - sometimes

세월 - time, days, years

흐르다 - pass

어른이 되다 - become an adult

찾아오다 - come visit

밑동 - base, roots, stump

만 - only

남기다 - remain, be left

(나무를) 베다 - cut down tree

팔다 - sell

그래도 - even so, though, nevertheless

노인 - old person, senior citizen

다시 - again

줄 거 - a thing to give you

아무것도 없다 - nothing

나는 너에게 줄 거라고는 이제 아무것도 없어

= I don't have anything for you anymore

그저 - just, same

앉다 - to sit

편히 - comfortably

늙다 - become old, age

최고다 - the best

이리 와 - come here

시키다 - order (someone to do something)

시키는 대로 하다 - do as one is told

무척 - very, extremely

답니다 - 다고 합니다 (quote what someone said)


📚I have a few story books on my store if you want to keep practicing your reading skills. The link is in my bio. They also have questions about the story as well as a breakdown of the grammar and vocabulary used it in them😉 Original Post.

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