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Phrases used in Korean restaurant

Updated: Apr 5, 2022

안녕하세요 여러분, 잘 지냈어요? After reading this blog you could go to a restaurant without worrying. Hope you will love it ! Don't hesitate to come here often, I will post 2 times a week!

First you need to know that in Korea each restaurant has his speciality. It means you can not eat your dish and your dessert at the same place unlike in our countries. So how do you do? It's very easy but not very practical: you change restaurants for each part of the meal. In addition Koreans generally do not eat entrees before their dish.

Second in Korea, there is no reservation, so you can enter in the restaurant when you want and sit down if you see an empty table. It doesn't take a long time before the waiter/waitress come to your table because restaurant in Korea have generally one or two menus but there is some exceptions.

Third, there is generally no menu in English.

Here is some useful phrases

메뉴 좀 주세요. It correspond to "Could I have the menu please".

이거 주세요 means "This one please".

이게 뭐예요? is "What is this?"

저기요/여기요. It's 2 ways to call the waiter or the waitress.

When you want to order you can say "주문하시겠어요".

And if you want the check/bill you can say "계산해 주세요". Even if it is not used often because in Korea, if you want the check/bill you need to go at the counter.

And to finish this blog here is some vocabulary words.

병 -> bottle

양념 -> condiment

냅킨 -> napkin


락 ->chopsticks



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