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Topik 101: Frequently Asked Questions (Part 1)

If you are planning to take the Topik exam, I hope this post would be able to help you with your preparations. This FAQ post will not include the Google-able details such as dates, venue, scores... etc, I will be mentioning what you should prepare and what to expect during the exam.

Without further ado, here we go!

1. Can I screenshot and print my application form/identification slip?


2. Do I need to print the application form/identification slip in colour? Is black and white acceptable?

It doesn't matter, as long as your photo and details are clearly visible.

3. Can I not print the instructions on the application form?

Yes. Refer to the image below for a clearer understanding.

4. Can I not include my photo on the application form? Can I attach my photo to the form separately?

No, the photo has to be attached when you submit your application form for registration. Failing to do so will disqualify your registration for the Topik exam. The photo must be attached digitally to the form and printed out together with the exam slip. You are NOT allowed to stick another photo onto the form separately.

5. Can I still take the exam if I filled my name wrongly?

If the name on your identity card and the application form/identification slip is different, you will not be allowed to take the exam.

6. Can I be absent from the exam?

Yes, but the exam fee will not be refunded.

7. What should I bring to the exam?

The identification slip and your identity card.

8. Can I bring correction tape into the examination hall?

Different venue has different rules. You may do so if you are taking the exam in Korea, but for other countries, please ask the invigilator before bringing it in.

9. Can I bring my phone and bag to the exam hall?

You will be required to leave them at a designated area in the exam hall.

10. Can I fold my identification slip?


I shall stop here so the post will not be too long. Stay tuned for Part 2 which will include more details about what you should do during the exam. See you in the next post!

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