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What does 되다 Mean?

안녕하세요 guys! It's Koreanstudyjunkie here. Today's lesson is going to be about the extensive meanings of "되다".

This is not to be confused with 되다 being used to make a verb passive (read 하다 vs 되다 lesson here).

Disclaimer: These definitions are taken straight from naver dictionary by the way, but I did not put every single definition naver had because some of them were grammar that ended with 되다 and not just the word on it’s own.

#1: become

새로운 신분이나 지위를 가지다. To have a new status or position.


배우가 되다 = to become an actor.

가:이번에 우리 남편이 과장이 되었어요.

A: My husband became a section chief this time.

나:축하해요. 승진하셨네요.

B: Congratulations on the promotion.

#2: become; turn

다른 것으로 바뀌거나 변하다.

To change or transform into something or someone else.


다른 사람이 되다 = to turn into a different person

싸움이 되다 = to turn into a fight; argument

#3: come; fall

어떤 때나 시기, 상태에 이르다.

To reach a certain timing or state.


점심시간이 되자 직원들이 점심을 먹으러 식당으로 간다.

At lunchtime, employees go to the restaurant to have lunch.

가:큰애가 올해 몇 살이지요?

A: How old is she this year?

나:올해로 다섯 살이 돼요.

B: She’ll be five years old this year.

가을이 되다. = to become fall, fall into autm

새벽이 되다. - for dawn to break

오늘은 우리 부부가 결혼한 지 일 년째 되는 날이다. = Today is our first year of marriage.

#4: reach

일정한 수량에 차거나 이르다.

To reach or get to a certain quantity.


백 킬로미터가 되다. = to reach a hundred kilometers.

무려 백오십 개나 되었다.

= There were as many as 150 pieces.

#5: amount to; reach

어떤 대상의 수량, 요금 등이 얼마이거나 장소가 어디이다.

For the quantity or charge of a certain subject to be a certain amount, or for the location to be a certain place.


가:몇 시쯤 목적지에 도착할까요?

A: What time will we arrive at the destination?

나:도착 시간은 오후 열 시가 되겠습니다.

B: The arrival time will be 10 p.m.

요금이 만 원이 되다. = The fare comes to 10,000 won.

광장에 모인 사람들의 수가 아마 만 명은 될 것 같다. = The number of people gathered in the square is likely to be ten thousand.

#6: virtue

사람으로서의 성품과 덕을 갖추다.

To have great character and virtue as a human.


민준이는 성격도 좋고 제대로 된 사람이다. = Minjun

has a good personality and is a proper person.

마을 사람들이 형을 인격이 된 남자라고 칭찬을 했다. =

The villagers praised his brother as a man of character.

#7: feel; become

어떠한 심리적인 상태에 있다.

To be in a certain mental state.


가죽으로 된 신발. = shoes made of leather.

유리로 된 창문 = a window made of glass

가:이 음식은 무엇으로 만들었어요?

A: What was this food made of?

나:밀가루로 된 음식이에요.

B: It’s a dish made from flour.

#8: be made up of; be composed of; consist of

어떤 형태나 구조로 이루어지다.

To consist of a certain shape or structure.


두 개의 건물로 되다. = It consists of 2 buildings.

방 세 개로 된 집. = a three bedroom house

유민이는 삼백 쪽으로 된 책을 읽고 요약하는 숙제를 했다.

Yumin read a 300-page book and did her homework to summarize it.

#9: be under

문서나 서류에 어떤 사람이나 조직의 이름이 쓰이다.

For a document or papers to be written under the name of a certain person or organization.


시민의 이름으로 되다.= It's under the name of a citizen.

이 집은 부부 공동의 명의로 된 아파트입니다.

This house is an apartment in the common

name of a married couple.

#10: be completed; be finished

어떤 사물이나 현상이 생겨나거나 만들어지다.

For a certain object or phenomenon to be created or made.


이 식당은 지금 재료가 다 떨어져서 삼계탕은 되지 않는다.

This restaurant is out of ingredients now, so samgyetang is not available.

편집부는 이달 말까지 책이 다 되어야 해서 매우 바빴다. = The editorial department was very busy because the book had to be finished by the end of this.

#11: work; go well

일이 잘 이루어지다.

For something to work out well.


사업이 잘 됩니다. = Business is going well.

가:요즘 되는 일이 없어.

A: Nothing is going well these days.

나:힘을 내. 언젠가 좋은 날이 올 거야.

B: Cheer up. A good day will come one day.

#12: grow well

식물 등이 잘 자라다.

For a plant to grow well.


가:올해는 보리가 잘 되었어요.

A: The barley did well this year.

나:네, 작년에 비해 보리를 많이 거둬들일 수 있을 것 같아요.

B: Yes, I think we can reap a lot of barley compared to last year.

올해 농사는 풍년이라 작물이 풍성하게 되었다. = This year's crop is plentiful because of the good harvest.

#13: run down

어떤 사물이 제 기능을 다하거나 수명이 다하다.

For the function or life of a certain object to come to an end.


배터리가 다 되다. - The battery runs out.

엔진이 다 되다. - The engine goes out.

가: 시계가 왜 작동하지 않지?

A: Why isn't the clock working?

나:아마 배터리가 다 되었을 거야.

B: Maybe the battery is dead.

#14: become; make

어떤 사람과 어떤 관계를 맺고 있다.

To be in a certain relationship with someone.


친구가 되다. = to become friends

남편이 되다. = become a husband

가:두 사람은 무슨 사이예요? What's the relationship between you two?

나: 이 아이는 제게 조카가 됩니다. This child is my nephew.

#15: feel; become

어떠한 심리적인 상태에 있다.

To be in a certain mental state.


안심이 되다. = to feel relieved

각오가 되다. = to be determined

어머니는 늦은 밤 집으로 돌아오지 않는 딸 생각에 걱정이 되셨어요. = My mother was worried about her daughter who didn't come home late at night.

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