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Words that will make you sound like a hip Korean

Youngsters love using abbreviations to shorten their sentences and, in a way, it also sounds cool and hip. In English, we have abbreviations words, such as YOLO (You only live once), ROFL (Roll on the floor laughing), LOL (Laugh out loud), AMA (Ask me anything), IMO (In my opinion) ... just to name a few. Some may sound ridiculous as you speak them since they are made popular as internet or instant messaging slang but you gotta admit that knowing what they mean does make you sound cool. So, here are a few Korean abbreviations to keep up with what Korean teens may be using (some may be out of date because... I am not a teen anymore ㅠㅠ)

700 - 귀여워 Taking the first alphabet of each word ㄱㅇㅇ does somewhat look like 700.

삼귀다 - It's taken from the term 사귀다 which means to go out or date someone. The 사 also means the number 4 so it's sometimes written as 4귀다 but 삼귀다 where the 삼 also means 3, carries the meaning of a situation before you start dating or DTR (define the relationship), also known as 썸.

점메추 - 점심 메뉴 추천 Lunch menu recommendations

보배 - 보조 배터리 Power bank

갑동알 - 갑자기 동장을 보니 아르바이트 해야겠다 After looking at my bank account, I realised the need of getting a part-time job.

만반잘부 - 만나서 반가워 잘 부탁해 Nice to meet you and please take care of me. You can try using this while talking to your new Korean friends.

구취 - 구독 취소 Cancel subscription. Used on Youtube where a channel or Youtuber you have subscribed to doesn't "spark joy" anymore and you unsubscribe.

팬아저 - 팬은 아니지만 저장하겠다 I am not a fan but I saved it. When you see a photo of a celebrity that you are not a fan of turns out so beautiful that you couldn't help but save it into your phone.

That's all for now. Do let me know if you like this type of content in the comments and I will share more about this in the future. Thank you for reading and signing off!

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