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How to make K-pop real life!

Becoming a K-pop fan is an amazing journey. You're hearing new music, watching new content, and learning 100’s of names and faces *cough* NCT, SVT, & TREASURE*cough*. However, the fun and joy can only go so far if you're not able to share your happiness with others who understand. So here are my top tips on making K-pop friends not just online but in real life too!

#1 Attend local events

One big and probably one of the easiest ways to make K-pop friends is to attend online/offline events. Attending local events is the best way to find your new K-pop bestie. What kind of events should you look for, and where? Some common K-pop events include cup-sleeves, random dance plays, and birthday events. All are super fun and interactive with photo booths, gifts, and more. Remember, 9 times out of 10 these events are run by fans for fans, so be respectful and have fun. Down below are some Instagram accounts to find an event near you!

#2 Create a meetup

Another fun way to meet K-pop fans is to create a meet-up. I suggest this tip definitely if there is a K-pop concert in your area - that you will be attending. You can do this by joining Facebook groups for that specific concert or just the area in general. You then can just post something simple like “Who wants to meet at xx restaurant before the concert? I’m a new K-pop fan and I want to make some friends!” From here you can add the people who comment to a group chat and everyone can collectively agree on the time and location.

This is a cool way to meet with a couple of people before having the time of your life. I can not stress this enough, PLEASE be safe and smart about meeting up with new groups of people. We live in a scary world, so always take precautions, but otherwise have fun.

#3 Create a club/team

This tip works wonders in high school or even college. Make or join a K-pop club where you watch music videos and try Korean snacks. You can even make or join a dance team where you all learn different choreographies. The options are endless and beneficial in many ways. You get to experience new things with awesome people who may become some of your best friends.

Please leave with this one reminder:

The most important tip to making K-pop friends: be open, social, and friendly! How are you going to make friends if you're not being social?! You can go to all the events you want, but if you never say anything like “Hey, omg I love your shoes!” how do you expect to leave with new friends? So don’t be afraid, if you're a K-pop fan, you automatically have a common interest with another K-pop fan!

A task for you: Are you attending/have attended one of the many K-pop concerts this year? Comment below!


A little about the writer...

Hey, I'm Izzy Kee. I am the owner and creator of Treasurexglobal. Which is a global K-pop community non-profit organization. We host events and projects all around the world. TreasurexGlobal emerged from a joke between friends into an organization out on a pursuit to inspire, and bring happiness and support to its communities. Established in 2021, we’re an organization driven by progressive ideas, bold actions, and a strong foundation of support. Contact us to learn more and get involved.

Contact TreasurexGlobal...

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I’m so blessed to attend a school with a K-pop club!


09 de abr. de 2022

I have attended events related to K-Pop many times. This year, just a week ago, I was at a dance workshop and we learned the choreography of Treasure's 직진. Beside these workshops, I also enjoy going to K-Pop themed parties. I encourage everyone, who loves dancing and K-Pop, to try them out once!

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