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Korean Fusion Dishes That You Will Love

안녕하세요!! I am Vaibhavi from India. Over the years, migration between Koreans and people from other countries has taken Korean cuisine on whole another level.

Food Fusion means bringing together ingredients from different cultures and merging recipes. This technique of joining culinary forces offers truly novel flavor combinations. Fusion food has a complex history whose origins can’t be easily pinpointed.

The “K-wave,” empowered by the growing popularity of K-pop, K-dramas, and movies often circulating around Korean food and snacks, constantly crosses over into the world of food.

Obviously, these dishes aren’t a thing in Korea as they’re not traditionally Korean but they’re still tasty and interesting regardless!

1. Korean Tacos 한국식 타코

Dishes such as “Korean Tacos” have emerged from the contacts between Korean bodega owners and their Mexican workers in the Los Angeles area.

What are Korean tacos made of?

There are three elements to these rich and vibrant tacos:

  • Bulgogi-style beef

  • Homemade kimchi

  • Creamy chili garlic aiol

2. Korean French Fries 한국식 감자튀김

Korean - American inspired street food has a whole another level impact on simple salty French Fries smothering fries in kimchi (김치), kalbi (갈비) and garlic (마늘).

3. Kimchi Gumbo 김치 검보

Kimchi Gumbo is a mixed gumbo, a Cajun dish, with kimchi. It was invented by Koreans living in Louisiana (루이지애나). Fiery fermented Korean chile paste adds layers of flavor while fresno chiles and chopped Andouille sausage add additional heat.

4. Kimchi Shakshuka 김치 샤쿠카

Kimchi, in general, seems to go well with almost everything. Add it to the delicious Mediterranean favorite shakshuka, and you won’t regret it. Creamy eggs with kimchi tomato sauce make a fantastic combination.

5. Meat Jun 고기준

Meat Jun is a popular Korean dish in Hawaii (하와이) which is ironically, not something you see often in Korea. It consists of thinly sliced beef dipped in egg batter and fried. It does exist but it’s rare and slightly differs in taste compared to in Hawaii.

6. Kimchi Burger 김치버거

The kimchi burger is a relatively newer, modern style of hamburger. It has been stated that Uncle Joe's Hamburger of Seoul, South Korea, was the inventor of the kimchi burger.

7. Korean Carrot 당근 김치

In Russia (러시아) and eastern European countries (유럽 국가), Korean people who moved there tried to replicate Kimchi with what they had. This dish is well known in those eastern European countries.

That's it for today's post. I hope you found this interesting. I learned about this through online pals who had tasted Korean food as well as other internet sources. For more free lessons visit our website at :

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