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Korean Idioms That Will Make You Think | weird korean idioms

안녕하세요 여러분! Koreanstudyjunkie입니다. Today, I'll be introducing you to some weird Korean idioms. Idioms can boost your understanding if the language and are important to study.

#1 - 엉덩이가 가볍다 = one’s butt is light

Meaning: do not stay long in one place; change jobs frequently

#2 - 손이 근질근질하다 = Itchy hands

Meaning: Ants in one’s pants

Explanation: If you have itchy hands in Korean, it means that you’re really keen to get started on something, or you’re excited.

Ex: 일하는 동안 핸드폰 사용은 금지 되어 있기 때문에 손이 근질근질해

= I can’t touch my phone all day at work, I can’t wait to use it.

#3 - 엉덩이가 무겁다 = have a heavy butt

Meaning: like just sitting around, overstay one’s welcome. to be lazy; be indolent

#4 - 말은 쉽다 = words are easy.

Meaning: Easier said than done.

#5 - 식은 죽 먹기 = like eating porridge

Meaning: Easy as pie/a piece of cake

#6 - 찬물을 끼얹다 = throw cold water on it

Meaning: to spoil the mood

#7 - 가슴에 못을 박다 = to hammer a nail into the heart

Meaning: Break someone’s heart

Explanation: driving a nail into someone’s heart, means you hurt them emotionally.

Ex: 빈센트의 헤어지자는 말은 내 가슴에 못을 박았어요.

= He said he wanted to break up with me and it broke my heart.

#8 - 귀에 못이 박히다 = having a nail hammered into your ear

Meaning: Being/feeling nagged

Explanation: If you feel like you’re having a nail hammered into your ear, it means that you’re feeling harangued or nagged.

Ex: 우유를 반드시 컵에 따라 마시라고 엄마에게 귀에 못이 박히게 들었다!

= Mum never shuts up about me using a cup when I drink milk, it’s like a nail in my ear!

#9 - 코에 걸다 = to hang on one’s nose

Meaning: to brag about something

#10 - 혀가 꼬이다 - ones tongue is twisted/tangled

Meaning: tongue tied

Explanation: Used for when one is speaking too fast, tongue twisters or even when one slurs when drunk.

That's all for this post, but there's plenty more where that came from. Leave a like on this post if you want more and I'll see you in the next lesson~ 다음에 또 봐요!


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