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Korean Swear Words And Insults

안녕하세요 여러분! It's Koreanstudyjunkie here. Today I have some rude Korean phrases and common swear words to share with you. These are good to know if anyone is swearing at you - hopefully not! Or when you're angry (around people that don't know Korean haha).

Offensive Words:

등신 - Dumba*s

멍청이 - Idiot

쓰레기 - Trash

바보 - Idiot, Stupid

미친새끼 - Crazy son of a b*tch

꼰대 - Boomer

빈대새끼 - Bed Bug (someone who

never pays for anything and

shows up empty handed)

급식충 - Internet trolls (usually used for

underage people on the internet

씨발 - F*ck

닥쳐 - Shut up

젠장 - D*mn it, Sh*t

개새끼 - Son of a b*tch

지랄 - Bullsh*t

개소리 / 헛소리 - Bullsh*t

꺼져 - F*ck off, Go away

미친년 - Crazy b*tch

미친놈 - Crazy b*stard

씹새끼 - Piece of sh*t, B*tch, F*cker

엿먹어 - F*ck you

Offensive Phrases:

좆됐어. - I’m f*cked, I’m screwed

죽을래? - Do you want to die?

미쳤어? - Have you lose your mind?

가서 죽어라. - Go to h*ll, Drop dead

제정신이야? - What’s wrong with you?

뿅 갔나? - Have you lost your mind?

귀 먹었어? - Are you deaf?

네가 꽝이야. - You’re the worse

사돈남말하시네 - Look who’s talking

잠 올라 그런다 - You’re putting me to sleep

구역질 나 - That’s disgusting


That's all for this post! It was pretty short, but I hope you learned something new. If you want to learn more phrases like this (not just rude phrases, but phrases for all kinds of daily situations like academic, emergencies, outings, colloquial expressions and more) you can check HERE for 300+ Korean Quotes, Phrases, and Idioms.

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