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Korean Tongue Twisters that Will Leave You Tongue-tied

안녕하세요!! I am Vaibhavi from India. Korean tongue twisters are a fun and challenging way to improve your pronunciation and language skills. In this blog post, we will explore some of the most popular Korean tongue twisters and how to master them.

  1. 동해물과 백두산이 마르고 닳도록.

Romanization: Donghaemulgwa Baekdusani mareugo daldorok.

Translation: "Until the East Sea's waters and the Baekdu Mountains dry up and wear away."

2. 서울 시립 서점 서점장은 서른 살 셋째 서점장이다.

Romanization: Seoul sirip seojom seojomjang-eun seoreun sal setjae seojomjang-ida.

Translation: The bookstore manager of Seoul City Bookstore is a 30-year-old third bookstore manager.

3. 경찰청 청장의 청첩장은 청청색 청첩장이다.

Romanization : Gyeongchalcheong cheongjang-ui cheongcheongjangeun cheongcheongsaek cheongcheongjang-ida.

Translation: The invitation of the police chief of the National Police Agency is a bright blue invitation.

4. 팥쥐팥쥐 베고 베면 반장.

Romanization: Patjwi patjwi bego bemyeon banjang.

Translation: If you peel off the skin of a red bean and then peel off the skin of a mouse, you will become the class president.

5. 바둑이 땡길 때 장판에 바둑돌을 놓으면 바둑이 바둑돌을 먹고, 바둑돌이 바둑이를 먹는다.

Romanization: Baduki ttaenggil ttae jangpane badukdoreul nohmyeon baduki badukdoreul meokgo, badukdori badukireul meongneunda.

Translation: When a dog wants to pee, if you place a Go stone on the floor, the dog will eat the Go stone and the Go stone will eat the dog.

6. 쇠사슬 소리좀 적게 쳐봐요.

Romanization: soe-sa-seul so-ri-jom jeok-ge chyeo-bwa-yo.

Translation: Please make the sound of the chains quieter.

7. 바나나 맛이 좋아서 바나나 사러 갈 바빠

Romanization : ba-na-na ma-shi jo-a-seo ba-na-na sa-reo gal ba-ppa.

Translation: The taste of bananas is so good that I'm in a hurry to go buy some bananas.'

8. 머리에 마디 달기.

Romanization : meo-ri-e ma-di dal-gi.

Translation: Tie a knot in your hair.

9. 초코칩 쿠키, 칙촉 초코 Romanization : cho-ko-chip ku-ki, chik-chok cho-ko.

Translation: Chocolate chip cookie, Choco Choc.

So, how can you master these tricky Korean tongue twisters? Here are some tips:

  1. Practice, practice, practice! The more you say the tongue twister, the easier it will become.

  2. Take it slow. Don't try to say the tongue twister too quickly at first. Start slowly and gradually increase your speed as you become more comfortable with the words.

  3. Pay attention to your pronunciation. Make sure you are pronouncing each word correctly and enunciating each syllable clearly.

  4. Repeat the tongue twister in context. Try using the tongue twister in a sentence or conversation to help you remember it better and use it more naturally.

Whether you're a beginner or an advanced speaker, practicing these phrases regularly can help you master the language's unique sounds and pronunciation. So, grab a friend and start practicing your muk-bang today! Visit the website for more free lessons!


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