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How To Have Fun While Learning Korean | Korean Youtube Video Recommendations

Hello guys and welcome back to another post. Today I'll be talking about some Korean videos I watch. After I started learning Korean, I decided that I would make learning enjoyable for myself. Watching videos in Korean allows me to improve my listening skills.

I watch K-dramas to improve my listening skills which helped me train my ears. I wanted to be more thorough, I wanted to know how to spell the words which I was hearing but as I didn’t have Korean subtitles I wasn’t able to do that.

I didn't have access to subtitles in Korean. I thought how much fun it would be if I had access to Korean subtitles.

One day as I was scrolling down through YouTube videos, a video caught my eye. It was a cat video and I clicked it. To my surprise the video contained both Korean and English subtitles. Curiosity got the best of me and I searched the channel playlist.

Every video had both English and Korean subtitles and I started watching them. And the best part was I was having fun and learning new things as well.

And then I started searching for other videos which provided subtitles in both languages, i.e Korean and English. And I found some of them which I'm going to share with you below.

Social experiments

These videos are fun to watch. I mostly watch social experiments like strangers helping a kid. I learned how a child’s intonation differs from an adult.

And other experiments like Koreans helping foreigners, foreigners surprising Koreans with their Korean speaking skills and a lot more others.

Asmr food

These are my favorites. If you love watching ASMR videos then try videos with Korean subtitles. You can learn descriptive words for food in Korean, like its taste: sweet or spicy, the texture: crunchy or soft etc. You can learn a lot of food related vocabulary.


Again you can learn vocabulary related to food and cooking. I learned a lot of words like 계란 eggs, 감자 potato, 양파 onions etc.

There are varieties of videos related to cooking, asmr, social experiments, cats etc each with their own different yet amazing styles/concepts.

My tip, listen to the videos in Korean without looking at English subtitles and after that re-watch the whole video with English subtitles and compare your translation with the English subtitles provided. You would know how much of it you were able to understand.

At times you will not understand a single word but you should keep saying to yourself: If I am not able to understand it now, I'll be able to understand it tomorrow😅.

So, if you guys happen to struggle then remember learning something takes time. Don't push yourself too much and try to have fun while learning.

Until next time - HangugVocab.

You can go to my channel for some Korean Vocabulary.

Click here —> HangugVocab

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