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Natural Disaster Words in Korean

안녕하세요 여러분! I'm Koreanstudyjunkie and today, I have a short post for you.

I compiled a list of a few of the most common natural disasters and added a few example sentences to go along with them.

Vocab List:

Natural disaster - 자연 재해

Earthquake - 지진

Volcano eruption - 화산 폭발

Landslide, Avalanche - 산사태

Famine - 기근

Drought - 가뭄

Hurricane - 허리케인

Tornado - 회오리바람, 토네이도

Cyclone - 사이클론

Typhoon - 태풍

Flood - 홍수

Tsunami - 쓰나미

Extreme temperature - 극한 기온

Wildfire, Forest Fire, Bush Fire - 산불

Example Sentences:

가뭄이 들다

have a drought

산불이 발생했다

A forest fire broke out.

산불을 진화하다

put out a forest fire

가뭄이 계속되면 기근이 들 것이다.

If the drought continues there’s going to be a famine.

간밤에 강한 지진이 있었다

There was a strong earthquake last night.

회오리바람은 그 마을에 큰 피해를 준다.

The tornado takes a toll on the village.

지진이 끝난 뒤에는 아직 서 있는 집이 몇 채뿐이었다.

After the earthquake, only a few houses were left standing.

홍수로 일부 가족은 모든 것을 잃었다.

Some families lost everything in the flood.

사람들은 화산 폭발의 광경을 보는 것을 매우즐기지만 너무 가까이 가지 않도록 주의하기도한다.

People love to witness active volcanoes, but they are also careful not to get too close.

갑자기 사막 한가운데에 회오리가 일었다.

A whirlwind[dust devil] suddenly began to blow in the middle of the desert.

수위가 높아지면 홍수가 발생한다.

When water levels rise, flooding results.

그들은 강력한 태풍에서 살아남았다.

They survived the mightful typhoon.

화산 폭발 때문에, 폼페이가 파괴되었다.

Because of the volcanic eruption, Pompeii destroyed.

태풍이 부산 해안에 상륙했다

The typhoon struck[hit] the shore of Busan.

비가 와서 산사태가 일어났다

The rain caused a landslide.


Natural disasters are awful and scary! Still these words are good to know in Korean, especially If you want to be up to date while watching Korean news or reading news articles.

Stay safe everyone!

It would mean a lot to me if you scrolled down and chose on of the posts I added below this one and kept learning on this site!

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