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Medical Terms In Korean | hospital korean vocab

안녕하세요! Koreanstudyjunkie입니다. This post is loaded with quite a few medical and doctor-related Korean vocabulary. We have plenty of other medical posts like this, Incase you're looking for them. Check here!

First Aid Kit (Terms) :

First Aid Kit 구급 상자

Bandaids or Plasters 반창고

Pain Medication 진통제

Cough medicine 감기약

Gauze bandages 거즈 or 의료용 붕대 테이프

Disinfectant 소독약

Ointment 연고

Tweezers 핀셋

Thermometer 구강 체온계

Anti-itch cream 칼라민 로션


Scissors 가위

Gloves 장갑

Cotton swab or bud 면봉

Antacid 제산제

Antihistamine 항히스타민제

Cold Compress or Ice pack 얼음 팩

Blanket 담요

Other Vocabulary:

불안(장애) - Anxiety

천식 - Asthma

혈액형 - Blood type

- Cancer

뇌진탕 - Concussion

변비 - Constipation

피임약 - Contraceptive pill, Birth control

기침 - Cough

치매 - Dementia

우울증 - Depression

당뇨병 - Diabetes

진단 - Diagnosis

간질 - Epilepsy

- Fever

독감 - Flu

두통 - Headache

심장 마비 - Heart attack

심장병 - Heart disease

부상 - Injury

불면증 - Insomnia

월경 주기 - Menstrual cycle

비만 - Obesity

수술 - Operation

임신 - Pregnancy

처방전 - Prescription

콧물 - Runny nose

부작용 - Side effect

위통 - Stomachache

생리통 - Stomach cramps, Menstrual cramps

증상 - Symptom

치통 - Toothache

종양 - Tumor

접종 - Vaccination

바이러스 - Virus

구토 - Vomiting


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Feb 08

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