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Online King Sejong Institute | All in One Korean Learning for All Level

안녕하세요 여러분, Precious 입니다! I'm from Singapore 🇸🇬 (싱가포르), and I'm bilingual (English, Chinese).

Current level: Upper Beginner - Low Intermediate


Disclaimer: This is a non-affiliated post, all credits to owner.

Once you have decided to start your self-studying journey, you might be excited to start learning and want to dive right in and find resources to aid your Korean learning.

However, it could be overwhelming as there are so many, free and paid online learning resources to choose from!

Most of us would like to start with free resources and some that advertised to be free have placed some limitations and could only be accessed by purchasing the materials or by paid subscription.

Some of the popular resources that you might be using or have heard of: Talk To Me In Korean, How to Study Korean, KoreanClass101.


Online King Sejong Institute is founded by the Korean government to provide free online Korean learning services for all levels.

Under 'Learning', you may choose what type of courses you would like to take

As seen in the image, there is a 'Learning' tab where you can choose what type of courses you would like to take.

First, I'd suggest you create an account in order to register for courses smoothly. It is free to do so!

You will see 3 categories of courses as follows:

  • Cyber Korean Courses - After enrolling for Korean classes within a set period and being approved, you can start studying. An online teacher will manage your learning and provide feedback on questions and homework (Learning - assisted type), there are also classes providing real-time zoom lessons (Lecture - assisted type) and spots are filled quickly as the class size has only ~20 students.

Good for people who would like to have accountability for their learning like me as they will have to participate actively to fulfil the course requirements to get the certificate of completion of course.

  • Cyber Korean Culture Courses - Focused on learning more about the Korean culture through special topics such as K-pop, K-drama, travel in Korea, and Korean food.

Learn about the culture through fun and engaging videos.

  • Self - learning Korean Courses - This is a course for those who want to study Korean by themselves. You can always preview or review Materials that you want to learn Korean anywhere, anytime.

Provides flexibility to learning as you can study as and when you want - own time own target.


Take a free level test!

Did you know that you can take a free level test to determine your Korean proficiency level? It consists of both listening and reading sections, and tests your Vocabulary, Grammar, and Understanding. It generates your score, match you to a suitable class level and advise you on the recommended courses and textbooks to use.

There are two different tests: Beginner and Intermediate. There is a three month waiting period to take the same level test again. There is no wait time to take a different level test.


Textbooks and Workbooks

One of the most important tool for most of us language learners is definitely the textbooks and workbook to provide some structure in our learning, also for the aesthetic study-gram posts and reels right? *intense staring*

There are tons of materials for all levels, covering aspects such as conversational skills, culture, travel, business, marriage immigrants. Best part of all? It's free!

You may also explore Nuri King Sejong Institute for more resources and events


Thanks for reading my first post! If this has been helpful, please leave a like and comment! Your feedback and encouragement would be greatly appreciated!


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