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Weather in Korean | how to talk about the weather

안녕하세요 여러분! There are lots of different ways to talk about the weather and It can be confusing to figure out how to describe the weather. I have a list of vocabulary words and phrases that you can use to easily talk about the weather.

Basic Weather Vocab:

날씨 - Weather

해 - Sun

햇빛 - Sunlight

구름 - Clouds

비 - Rain

빗방울 - Raindrop

푹풍 - Storm

폭풍우 - Rainstorm

번개 - Lightning

천둥 - Thunder

뇌우 - Thunderstorm

웅덩이 - Puddle

눈 - Snow

는꽃 - Snowflake

눈보라 - Snowstorm

바람 - Wind

안개 - Fog

우박 - Hail

모래 폭풍 - Sandstorm, dust storm

지진 - Earthquake

허리케인 - Hurricane

태풍 - Typhoon

토네이도 - Tornado

쓰나미 - Tsunami

홍수 - Flood

장마 - Monsoon

온도 - Temperature

습도 - Humidity

지구온난화 - Global Warming

기후 변화 - Climate Change

일기 예보 - Weather forecast


비가 오다 - to rain

비가 그치다 - to stop raining

눈이 오다 - to snow

비가 내리다 - to rain

눈이 내리다 - to snow

번개(가) 치다 - to lightning, light

천둥(이) 치다 - to thunder

안개가 끼다 - to be foggy

바람이 많이 불다 - to be windy

흐리다 - to be cloudy

안개가 걷히다 - for the fog to lift

구름이 걷히다 = for the clouds to clear

습하다 - to be humid

화창하다 - to be sunny

쌀쌀하다 = to be chilly

맑다 = to be clear

날씨가 어때요? - How’s the weather?

날씨가 좋아요 - the weather is good

날씨가 안 좋아요 - the weather is bad

날씨가 더워요 - (the weather) It’s hot

날씨가 추워요 - (the weather) It’s cold


섭씨 - Celsius

섭씨 ____ 도 - To be ____ degrees celsius

화씨 - Fahrenheit

화씨 ____도 - To be ____ degrees Fahrenheit

도 - degree

영상 - above zero temperature

양하 - below zero temperature


섭씨 21도는 화씨로 약 70도다.

Twenty-one degrees Celsius is about seventy degrees Fahrenheit.

화씨 86도 정도 될거야.

It’s around 86 degrees Fahrenheit.

기온이 섭씨 영하 28도까지 떨어졌다.

The temperature dropped to minus 28 degrees centigrade (-28℃).

오늘 최고 기온은 섭씨 25도 안팎이 되겠습니다.

Highs today will be in the region of 25℃.


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Loukia Krana
Loukia Krana
Jan 31, 2023

Hey, I just saw your giveaway on my emails and I just found out about these blogs as well. They seem very helpful because they analyze different topics each time and we can focus on new grammar and vocabulary and also see examples as well. This one, for example, talking about the weather was always a difficult topic for me so I appreciate this extra help. 😊

My name on instagram is _risus7

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