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What Does 말도 안 돼 Mean? | how to use 말도 안 돼요

말도 안돼요 Meanings

- That's Ridiculous

- I Can't Believe It

- No Way!

- That's Nonsense; Impossible

말 = “words,”

도 = “even,”

안 돼 = “must not be.”


The idiom "말이 되다" literally means "to become/form a word/words", so it means "to make sense".

And it is also used when saying "to be reasonable/logical" or "to be possible/true". Therefore, "말이 안 된다" or "말이 되지 않다" means "not to make sense" or "to be not possible/true".

Example Sentences Below:

넌 항상 말도 안 되는 말을 해.

You talk nonsense all the time.

말도 안 되는 소리지. 그렇게는 안 돼.

That's out of question. You can't have it so.

그런 말도 안 되는 소리 하지 마.

Stop talking that nonsense!

물론 사실이 아니지, 무슨 말도 안 되는 생각이야.

Of course it’s not true, what an absurd idea.

그 목격자는 분명히 말도 안 되는 거짓말을 하고 있었어.

The witness was clearly lying through his teeth.

정말 솔직히 말해서, 그 친구 의견은 말도 안 됩니다.

Quite frankly, his opinion is ridiculous.

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