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Korean Dialogues to Practice Speaking

안녕하세요~ KoreanStudyJunkie입니다! Today I have 3 Korean dialogues to help you practice Korean. There is vocabulary listed out for each one underneath each dialogue. All of them are themed after vacations and travel.

가: 곧 여름 휴가인데 휴가 때 뭘 할 거예요?

나: 국내 여행을 하고 싶은데 좋은 곳을 알아요?

가: 저는 작년에 제주도에서 자전거로 여행을 했어요. 경치가 아름다웠어요.

나: 저는 차로만 여행을 해 봤는데 자전거 여행도 좋을것 같아요.


A: The summer vacation is coming soon; what would you like to do during the vacation?

B: I want to travel around the country; do you know a good place to go?

A: I travelled around in Jeju Island by bicycle last year. The scenery was beautiful.

B: I travelled around only by car, but it would be good to travel around by bicycle.

Dialogue #1 - Vocab & Grammar

곧 - soon

여름 휴가 - summer vacation

여름 - summer

휴가 - vacation

인데 - Noun + But (..but noun)

Noun + 때 - when

뭘 - 뭐 + 를 = what

뭐 하다 - (literally - what do.) what are you doing

ㄹ 것이다 - future tense; will

국내 여행 - Domestic travel

고 싶다 - want to do

좋다 - to be good

은/는 것 - adjectives describe nouns

좋은 곳 - a good place

곳 - place

알다 - to know

작년에 - last year

제주도 - Jeju island

자전거로 - by bike, using a bike

여행을 하다 - to travel

경치 - the sights, views

아름답다 - beautiful

차로만 - only by car

차 - car

(으)로 - describe the tool or method used (by/with/to/using)

만 - only

아/어해 보다 - to talk about experience

ㄹ/을 것 같다 - I think that,.. It seems like,.. (about future situation)


가: 혼자 여행을 한 적이 있어요?

나: 아니요, 혼자 여행을 한 적이 없어요. 서연 씨는요?

가: 저는 혼자 여행을 자주 해요. 혼자 여행하면 마음대로 구경하고 쉴 수 있어서 좋아요.

나: 저도 혼자 여행을 해 보고 싶어요.


A: Have you travelled alone before?

B: No, I have not travelled alone before. How about you Ms. Seoyon?

A: I travel alone frequently. It's nice to be able to look around and take a rest at my disposal if I travel alone.

B: I would like to travel alone.

Dialogue #2 - Vocab & Grammar

혼자 - alone

여행하다 - to travel

ㄴ 적이 있다 - have done before

아니요 - no

ㄴ 적이 없다 - have not done before

서연 씨는요? - what about you seo-yeon?

(Name)는요/은요 - ask another person their opinion

자주 - often

(으)면 - If; when

마음대로 - as one pleases

구경하다 - to sightsee

-고 - and

쉬다 - to rest

ㄹ 수 있다 - can do

아/어서 - because; so

좋다 - to be good

저도 - me too



 가: 지금까지 여행한 곳 중에서 어디가 제일 좋았어요?

나: 저는 재작년에 간 프랑스가 좋았어요.

가: 왜 거기가 제일 기억에 남아요?

나: 박물관과 미술관이 많아서 좋았어요. 그리고 시골 풍경이 아주 아름다웠어요.


A: Where is the best place you have travelled so far?

B: I liked France that I went to the year before last.

A: Why is there the most memorable place?

B: It was nice because there are many museums and art galleries. And the scenery in the countryside was so beautiful.

Dialogue #3 - Vocab & Grammar

지금까지  - until now

여행한 곳 - a place I traveled

중 - middle

중에서 - among the other things/options

어디 - where

제일 - most

재작년에 - the year before last

간 프랑스 - France I went to

왜 - why

거기 - there

제일 기억에 남다 - the most memorable

기억 - memory

남다 - to remain

박물관 - museum

와/과 - and

미술관 - art museum

많다 - to be a lot

그리고 - and (conjunction)

시골 풍경 - scenery if a countryside

풍경 - scenery

아주 - very

아름답다 - to be beautiful


I hope you enoyed this post! I took these from Naver Dictionary and there are tons more where this comes from plus audio as well.


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