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달 vs 개월 vs 월 | Month In Korean

Updated: Jul 10, 2023

안녕하세요. Koreasnstudyjunkie here and in this lesson I'll tell you the difference between 달 and 월. Both of which can be translated as "month" in Korean.

달 vs 개월

used for the amount of months.

We'll use the native Korean number system for this. 달 is usually used for saying 1,2,3,4 months although technically you can go alot further.

한 달 = 1 month

두 달 = 2 months

These have 2 different forms. The 2nd form is more formal in my opinion or often used in writing rather than speaking:

세 / 석 달 = 3 months

네 / 넉 달 = 4 months

~~~~ 다섯 달 = 5 months

여섯 달 = 6 months

일곱 달 = 7 months

여덟 달 = 8 months

아홉 달 = 9 months

열 달 = 10 months

열한 달 = 11 months

열두 달 = 12 months


달 also used as the word for month in general.


이번 달 = this month

다음 달 = next month

지난 달 = last month

개월 can be used almost interchangeably with 달, but It's most commonly used when talking about months from 5+ months and up.

개월 uses sino-Korean numbers:

오개월 = 5 months

육개월 = 6 months

칠개월 = 7 months

팔개월 = 8 months

구개월 = 9 months

십개월 = 10 months

십일개월 = 11 months

십이개월 = 12 months


used for the months of the year.

We'll also use sino-Korean numbers here:

일월 - January

이월 - February

삼월 - March

사월 - April

오월 - May

유월* (spelling change) - June

칠월 - July

팔월 - August

구월 - September

시월* (spelling change) - October

십일월 - November

십이월 - December


That's it for this lesson! Check out our other lessons here.

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